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Harmoney 03-14-2012 11:03 AM

Grieving over lost tooth
Several days ago I lost a tooth, and if I had it to do over again I would have attempted a root canal. If it ended up not working I would have then lost the tooth. Now there's nothing i can do. I am told I cannot get an implant because he has never seen such bone loss. Now I have to get a bridge & he made it now sound like there could be problems with that because of the bone loss. I am just horrified and again would go back to my swollen gum where I still had my tooth & just went for the root canal. He said it would be iffy but I should have gone with iffy. Does anyone have experience with a bridge? It doesn't sound like they last that long either. I have one implant I've had for 12 yrs. but I had enough bone in that area. The implant I believe in most cases is the best way to go, but I can understand they have to have something to hook it to. He never even suggested adding bone, it sounds like it is just too far gone from a very deep filling. Any info would be appreciated. There's nothing like the real thing, I don't want to lose any more teeth, this is bad enough. At least you can't see it, but I can't let this go and cause teeth shifting. People actually compliment me on my teeth, if they only really knew what shape they are really in. My front teeth look good plus I whiten them.

marymay2222 03-22-2012 09:48 AM

Re: Greiving over lost tooth
Hi Harmony:
Yes, I greived the first tooth I lost. Never replaced it because it was in the back of my mouth. Now just lost a tooth (not as far back) and NEEDED. Dentist said too little bone. I went to a periodontist and he did a bone graft and now I am hoping. It is amazing what they can do even with very little bone ... I would definitely go and go soon ... the sooner the better after a tooth extraction as you continue to lose bone.

Dont know about bridges. Someone else would have to tell you about that. Don't give up. See a good periodontist or implant surgeon right away. Good Luck.

tanyasue 03-25-2012 10:57 AM

Re: Grieving over lost tooth
I actually registered just to respond to this. For sure, get a second opinion. There are multiple types of implants, and several types of bone grafts. See a periodontist, or an implantologist who specializes in implants. Many general dentists do implants after taking a weekend course on how to do it. While that's fine for an average patient they don't know what to do with more challenging patients. Go to someone who is an expert and let them see what they can come up with.

I'm missing several teeth and my specialist has plans and back up plans if the implants he placed several months ago don't work. I've been pleased with how he's handled things. I mentioned that my teeth are "so screwed up" and he calmly replied that we can fix or solve for virtually every issue in my mouth.

Don't give up hope until you've exhausted all your options! I was overwhelmed because I had surgery last year and they broke several of my teeth and I couldn't afford to get them all fixed/extracted/implants. After a few months and a ton of research I figured out I could afford it out of the country (that's not right for everyone, but it was the solution for me), and it's like a weight has been lifted-because I have a solution.

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