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ouchinnj 04-16-2012 08:29 PM

wisdom tooth problems 3 weeks later?
I'm 47 and had to have my upper right wisdom and molar extracted(#1&2) 3 weeks ago. I was told by an OS that they would be easy. I ended up going to a dentist that made me far more comfortable because he specialized in nervous dentist phobics. Everything went well and I was healing nicely. 21/2 weeks out I started to get sever sinus pain on the side and the extraction site and jaw were very achy. I went to see him and hee did a full exray. All looks well with no dry socket or fragments. He said its due to the horrible allergy problems we're having in NJ and that i'm older at 47 to have this done.Advil and decongestants do help but now I'm getting off and on tingly sensations in my lips- top and bottom plus the jaw still aches.
Does this sound normal to anyone and I should wait it out or should i find a second opinion?

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