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Hadley0217 04-21-2012 12:48 PM

File broken in Root canal
I went to a dentist who started a root canal. There were issues I had there at the office, for example they wanted to make me wait close to 2 month to finish whatever the dentist started that day, there were bits and pieces of filling and tooth falling into the back of my mouth because they did not use a dental dam of any sorts. So I did not go back. Instead I went to a different dentist who informed me that I had a file in one of the root canals. I had not been informed of this by my previous dentist. I ended up going to an endodontist who had to start the RC all over again, and could not remove the file. I now have to return to the endodontist for another surgery to go in from the bottom to take care of the space at the tip of the canal beneath the broken file. I would like to get suggestions on how to proceed. Some people have told me that the first dentist should reimburse me the cost of the RC and pay for the additional surgery. The complication is that at the time I went to the original dentist I was using a state health plan and did not have to pay for the RC myself. Does this mean I cannot ask that his office pay for the surgery? TO be clear, he DID NOT tell me that he broke a file in my tooth, that was discovered by another dentist and then confirmed by an specialist.

riptoff 04-21-2012 01:16 PM

Re: File broken in Root canal
You should sue the dentist who broke the file. Files break sometimes but the dentist should always inform you this has happened.

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