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Venny0492 05-02-2012 10:59 AM

have i got a tooth abcess?
I went to the denist because I was in pain, this was from my second back molar, he checked them, couldnt see anything wrong, so did an xray, nothing was wrong and he said that my wisdom teeth are coming through so it might be because of that.

Today about 3:15pm I had a bit of pain in my gum behind my second front tooth on the leftside. The tooth does not hurt, I looked in the mirror and saw like a soft lump, this is located towards the top of my mouth in the middle of where a tooth root is I think, it looked red, so I put some bonjela on it and left it for about 20-30mins, I went back again and it had become less red, Thi time I touched it no pain and went a lighter colour, I looked and compared it to the otherside of my gum and I think the "lump" is a bit of my gum which is sore, I have been moving my tongue more and probably irritated it due to having sensitive gums.

I looked again and it looked like it had gone down abit and became more normal gum colour

It does not hurt when touched or in general

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