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Could untreated upper tooth root absess/infection cause whole body nerve problems?

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88Girl HB User
Could untreated upper tooth root absess/infection cause whole body nerve problems?

I've been posting on the MS and nerve boards as a month ago I started experiencing numbness in my left pinky finger and then arm. This then spread to to my left kidney area on bag, left leg, back of my neck and both sides of my face and forehead but mostly left side.

I then started to get vision problems in my left and then later my right eye (which hasn't improved after about 3 weeks now (numbness eventually subsided and now comes and goes in random parts of my left side and face). Then I started to get dizzy on and off, which now occurs both randomly and also after even mild exercise, when my left leg can also feel heavy.

My GP has referred me for an urgent neurologist appointment (up to 8 weeks wait in the UK).

I have just wondered though, I know its a bit of a crazy leap of the imagination, if its possible for an untreated upper right molar infection to cause problems in other parts of the body.

In December my tooth suddenly became very sensitive to heat. My dentist took an x ray and found an absess, although the visible part of the tooth seemed healthy apart from an existing filling. She gave me antibiotics and said I needed a root canal or extraction. I wad in the process of moving house so I took the antibiotics and then told my new dentist the situation. He took another x ray but by this point the meds had worked and no infection was visible. He told me to wait and see if it came back (the pain disappeared before I took the antibiotics so I assume that part of the nerve had died).

I went back to the dentist at the end of May as I was getting pain and sensitivity again in that tooth or those nearby I can't tell and got an appointment for a root canal which I'm noe waiting for. My other nerve symptoms started a couple of weeks after my dentist appointment in June sometime.

I'm probably being crazy linking the 2 but I would like to hear what people think

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slepey HB User
Re: Could untreated upper tooth root absess/infection cause whole body nerve problems

How old are you? It's known that tooth/gum/jawbone infections can cause problems in other areas, i actually just found articles pointing out that they might cause MS too. That's so scary, because dentists these days massively contribute to unhealthy and infected mouths with their "treatments" that can later turn into a disaster.

I don't think you can wait 3 months to see a specialist, you should go as soon as possible, i know the NHS is terrible, so hopefully you can go to good private specialists. It might be good to hear more than 1 opinion anyway.

I've had a root canal done about 7 months ago and ever since then my lymph node just below the jaw has been swelling on and off, and since yesterday my neck and the back of my head on the same side got painful, stiff and tensed. I'm definitely linking this to the root canal, since i now actually know from an x-ray that it wasn't properly done and there's an ongoing infection in the tooth. My best advice is to not get a root canal treatment and seek an alternative, because if done improperly (which happens a lot of the times) they become a home of germs and can lead to serious conditions as you don't even know you have an infection since the nerve is removed. I assume it all started as a cavity (caries) which was filled and was then destroyed by a secondary caries and is now reaching or has reached the dental pulp /nerve chamber.
If you have pain and sensitivity then not everything is lost. You need your nerve alive in order to save it, because it can heal. You'll have to find a dentist who works with alternative methods and who will actually make sure he does his best to save the nerve. If that's impossible or doesn't work then at least find the best endodontist to perform the root canal. I hear there are laser technologies now available which should work much better than mechanical work. When performing a root canal treatment the environment must be very sterile, your tooth should be isolated from your saliva and the instruments they work with should be brand new, just opened infront of you.
It's vital to demand the best treatment for yourself, since things have become very complicated.

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Re: Could untreated upper tooth root absess/infection cause whole body nerve problems

Greetings 88girl! I am sorry for the many things that are happening. I hope the desired comfort is obtained. I am not promising a cure but I can say what I would do.
Yes, it is possible for viral infection to travel down or through nerves and it seems in some cases at least some bacterial also. For infection from the tooth I would eat more grapefruit, kiwi, lemons, limes, for the bleeding, raw kale, raw dandelion, more raw turnip greens, raw spinach. Some viruses run down nerves causing numbness so I would use bay leaf tea an antiviral every 6 hours for a month and follow it with golden seal tea for 2 weeks at least ( but not long term). This is made by boiling water and placing two bay leaves in the water for 20 minutes and drinking if cool enough at that time. For the mercury I would hope to chelate it out a bit by using fresh apple and cilantro in different meals.

I would want an electrolyte check from the professionals if this has not already been done (the doctor can be asked and/ or the records can be checked to find out if needed). I would check to see if the doctor looked for hypoglycemia, or at least get a blood sugar machine and check the sugar when hungry and grumpy. I would also ask for a thyroid check and a Raynaudís evaluation in case the heat intolerance and blood vessel difficulty is caused by that. It is said that obsessive compulsive disorders are caused by streptococcus.

For the low blood pressure I would drink more water. If it continued to be low I would want to know the reason for it such as one of the pituitary hormones (maybe affected by the infection from the tooth) or something happening in the kidneys. Headaches can be caused by meningitis (life threatening if causes seizures later), encephalitis, sinusitis, and abscess (could travel to the brain from the tooth).

For the eyes, carrots cooked and juiced and blueberries. I would avoid putting fruits and vegetables together in the same meal and separate fruit juicing from vegetable juicing. I would avoid sugar, (causes anxiety, feeds bacteria, may cause clots and clogs the system in general) high amounts of fat, grease, meat ( I would use more legumes, nuts and beans with grains instead as they form a complete protein).
I might talk to the opthamologist and ask what he thought before trying the following: For the eyes personally I think I might try a cloth dipped in ice water for 3 minutes. This would cause vasoconstriction ( a narrowing of the blood vessels of the eye) it might stop bleeding. However it should be said that it may also cause less nutrition and circulation to the eye at least temporarily and there is potential for vision loss. Of course with bleeding there is potential for bleeding loss also.

Because of the lumbar puncture I would want to use a comfortably warm heat pack for 20 minutes daily followed by cool for at least 10 days some people have complained of spinal stenosis after this procedure. I might put a heat pack on it may help increase the circulation in the area and help heal it better.

For the heat intolerance I would try going in a private room in the living quarters and pulling the blinds and using less clothes I would sponge the skin with lukewarm water and put the fan on. Peace and comfort. sjb

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