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clover86 08-10-2012 01:23 PM

from bad tooth ache to trip to the ER

On Monday 8/6/2012 I had to go to the ER since I felt well it all started with this tingle going down my back leg and then my other leg and my left side of my face was tingly and lip also so I went to the er when all that started.. since I am only 26 I think the nurses didnt really think anything of it. I started to shake when I was trying to fill out my information so the lady got someone to get me in a wheel chair. After that they took my BP which was well I didnt see it then they wheeled me back into the waiting room... this whole time this numbness tingly feeling was spreading up to my tummy... so they get me in the back where I wait and wait.. then I felt a sharp pain through my chest like my heart just had to work really hard... I again was still all alone not hooked up to anything.. so when the doctor came in my numbness tingly has reached between my eyes. it was overwhelming I thought for sure I was going to die when my heart did something weird... so the doctor did a EKG on me and did some tests which were like touch your nose and then touch your nose my finger tests.
so they left me alone again no taking blood no nothing I am just laying on this bed with numb senesations going through my body... and yet they have no idea why.

note... I have a bad tooth ache that has been going on a week before all this happened. Its a wisdom tooth in the bottom lower left side which has been making my lip and chin numb for some time then it goes away.

So they send me home saying on the paper that I had anxiety and palpitations. also tooth decay... and they sent me on my way.

so that night my tonuge got numb couldnt get much sleep.
I went to this site and read what it had to say and makes sense. I just felt the need to share my story.
I still feel tingles in my neck and face from time to time with sharp pains in my fingers.. since they couldnt tell me why I guess it all has to do with this tooth that will be pulled Monday. Now I have back lower back pain... all these things wrong with me whats going on ugh!!! 26 5/11 165 lbs this shouldnt be happening to me!!!

Kass490 08-20-2012 11:03 AM

Re: from bad tooth ache to trip to the ER
Ummmm...I would NEVER take a diagnosis from an ER doctor to be the final word on ANY condition I might have, you need to get yourself to a real doctor and make sure you are not having[U] heart issues[/U] from the infection in your mouth.

Women present with way different symptoms of heart trouble then men do.
All these nerves twanging would make me really nervous about what's going on.

clover86 08-23-2012 12:43 PM

Re: from bad tooth ache to trip to the ER
I know right, Well went to my primary and he took lots of blood and the lady who took it left a huge bruise ugh.. I got the results back all looked ok.. so I have to go see a heart doctor next week to do a stress test that should be real fun! But if that what it takes to find out whats going on with me then so be it! I'll keep you posted.

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