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Kwell789 08-15-2012 08:28 PM

Tooth abcess and extraction, numb face and still in pain
Hi, I had an abcessed tooth extracted 2 weeks ago. I have been in extreme pain ever since. I was on bactrim which did not work. Now I am on clindamycin 150 mg 4x day. I have been on clindamycin for 2 days now. My face was not swollen until today and the pain is reduced but still very noticeable. My lower left lip and chin went numb 4 days after the extraction.

I am wondering if I have been given a high enough dose of the clindamycin. It seems everyone posting on clindamycin is taking double what I am taking. Has anyone had any face numbing? The dentist said the feeling might come back within 4 months which was not very comforting. Is it normal for the face to swell after starting a new antibiotic? How long til I see and feel improvement. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

writeleft 08-15-2012 08:38 PM

Re: Tooth abcess and extraction, numb face and still in pain
I would go back to the dentist that treated you immediately. The dentist needs to examine you again right away.

I do not have any expertise in dosages of antibiotics, so I cannot comment on that.

I did develop a dry socket after an extraction, and the pain and swelling were very severe due to exposure to the nerve. Swelling around the nerve can also affect sensitivity or lack of, possibly explaining the numbness...Any infection in your head, particularly your mouth can become serious very quickly, and the proximity to the brain is a concern.

What ever is causing the delay in healing and creating all this pain and swelling needs immediate treatment, like tomorrow. So sorry you are going through all this, I know dental problems are very draining. Hopefully your dentist can re evaluate your situation and get you back to feeling yourself again very soon.

Take care.

Kwell789 08-28-2012 02:10 PM

Re: Tooth abcess and extraction, numb face and still in pain
Thanks for your reply. I did go back to the dentist and he was no help. Near the end of my antibiotics I still had infection. I ended up going to the ER. I was put on double the dosage of antibiotics. Two doctors examined me. They cut my gum with a scalple to see if any pus would come out and very little did. They said I have scar tissue formed where the abcess is which is making it hard to move the muscles and further compressing the nerve that is causing the numbness. They are not sure the feeling will return. They have told me to put hot compresses on it and massage. He said it might be a year or possibly never before the feeling comes back. Has anyone else had scar tissue form on an abcess?

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