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AMY N 08-21-2012 08:18 AM

Full complete dentures
Hi everyone - I am getting ready for a complete set of dentures they are pulling the tops the 23 and the bottoms the 30th of Aug 2012 - and I am scared to death - can someone and or anyone please tell me in truth what it is going to be like - I am not getting put out and am getting a strong sedative - I am a basket case - please help - thanx me

bobinsky 08-22-2012 01:19 PM

Re: Full complete dentures
I had my teeth extracted 2.5 months using novacaine. The extractions were not painful, nor was the healing process. However, I got my immediate dentures after the front teeth were pulled and the pain from the dentures was agonizing, to the point where I sobbed when it came time to put them in. My dentist checked things out and advised me to wait several weeks for the gums to heal - I guess this is not standard procedure as most people get immediates and wear them. Anyway, I went five weeks without teeth, got my completely remade permanent dentures and have not had many problems, beside the odd sore spot. Dentists are different and I feel that the success or failure with dentures has a lot to do with how your dentist treats the issues you have. Discuss with him/her the situations and your anxieties. Do not let them leave you in distress or pain. That is not what you're paying them for.

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