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harmeshd 10-04-2012 10:11 AM

Hole in gum and extreme pain
Hiya started having aches on sides of my face and head i thought it was the last but one tooth. Was told by dentist that i have a hole in my gum between that tooth and last tooth. Said there was nothing he could do and start using sensitive toothpaste and thats it. The pain has got extremely worse where pain through out the day and the pains travel in the inside of my mouth on my lips down my chin and the half of my face is in pain aswell. Ive had my pain killers which dont do much this week than the rest of my life put together.

What should i do if, see another dentist?
Alternative treatments??

I am in sheer agony, and work is out of the question

Gellia 10-04-2012 12:44 PM

Re: Hole in gum and extreme pain
Perhaps your dentist meant there is a pocket there. A pocket is created in the gum when plaque has pushed it away from the tooth itself. When saliva gets down into the pocket bacteria is formed and irritates the gum. That, in turn, transmits pain to the tooth nerve itself via small tubules in the dentin.

First, the toothpaste for sensitive teeth really can help this. What it does is gradually fill in those tubules and then pain is no longer transmitted to the nerve. It takes about two weeks to work. Rub some right onto your gum before you go to bed at night and be sure to brush with it twice a day.

Second, get out that floss. You have to keep the tooth surface clean of plaque so that bacteria doesn't form. Flossing at least once a day should take care of that.

These two simple things should really help alot. I have had what I think is the same problem and until I used the paste thought I would just have to get those teeth removed. My jaw hurt that badly!
I also know it if I don't floss that area properly as my gums can feel inflamed. As long as I do both, I have no problem at all anymore.

GOOD LUCK and let us know how you do. Remember, this takes about two weeks to work.
Best to you,

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