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Emmy123 11-13-2012 04:43 PM

I need to get work done
Ok so I need about 7 front upper teeth taking out. I'm not sure if any can be saved. Most have cracked over time. I got depressed and neglected them.
Now I've pulled myself together and want a life I feel my smile is holding me back.
A emergency dentist said a lot needed to come out so I take it they need to be out.
I'm also terrified of any dentist doctor etc and needles. I have panic attacks Everytime. Even when I see my nurse to have my blood pressure and weight taken i panic.
So Having more than one tooth out I'm gonna go crazy

Can anyone help with what they will do to me
Will I get a bridge fitted or be left toothless
Will a normal dentist do this when I'm awake?? I don't think I can sit and let them do this

I don't deserve help a I've bought this on myself and I'm ashamed of myself :(
I'm super scared too I just want to cry n slip away from everything

WhoU80 11-13-2012 09:54 PM

Re: I need to get work done
I don't have the fear of needles and such as you - but I do understand the panic you may have with doctors. I think we all do - especially when surgery is involved. This is very normal.

A GOOD doctor or dentist knows this. So find someone who is recommended (ideally by family or peers) and who has experience with what you ultimately need to do. For example, pulling teeth is actually the "easy" part. Then what? Not having teeth will affect your mood (depression due to change in appearance) and health (more difficulty in eating). You may need dentures (partial) or a bridge. Implants may also be an option.

Before you pull the teeth, make sure that this is your ONLY option. If the teeth can be saved by root canals and crowns, do that. It's always better to save a tooth than pulling it.

To answer your question - you can request to be "knocked out" by your doctor or dentist. Some will use "laughing gas" (nitrous oxide) to help calm you. Some may put you out under a light anesthesia to perform work. This option is good because other than a light needle in your arm, you won't feel a thing.

So talk to your dentist or doctor about all of this prior to surgery. And also plan the next steps. You should know every step of the process to the best of your understanding before undergoing any procedure. And if anything makes you feel uncomfortable - talk to your doctor or dentist. If he/she is unwilling to discuss your concerns or is offended, RUN. There are great doctors/dentists out there and it's worth your time to find them.

Good luck!

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