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Emmabellasmama 11-21-2012 09:36 PM

Temporary Bridges and Caps
I had all my top teeth capped 2 days ago with 2 bridges up top. One on the front over my front teeth and one on the right side. My back teeth feel completely normal and I can floss between them with a threader but the front teeth feel very thick on the back and I have speech problems because of it. There is no discomfort. I should also say they are temporaries not permanent caps yet. I also cannot floss between the front teeth. There is a gap at the very top where I can get a brush they gave me to clean just the very top but like I said floss will not go all the way through the front teeth. This bridge is replacing 2 teeth keep in mind. Before I call my dentist back, is this normal? They look amazing and like I said no discomfort at all.

WW2ER 11-29-2012 09:29 PM

Re: Temporary Bridges and Caps
It's not unusual to have "temporaries" feel thicker than your natural teeth did. As long as how your teeth fit together, it's done for strength. Just as the word implies, temporaries are just that, temporary. Your new crowns, and bridge should be close to the "thickness" that your natural teeth were. But depending upon what the material is that they are made out of, and how much tooth your dentist removed would dictate that.

Regarding flossing. It's normal to have the temporaries all in one piece. Again this is to help provide additional strength. If possible, try to thread a piece of floss between the teeth next to your gums to clean that part of your tooth. At this stage, it's very important to keep your tissue around your teeth as clean as possible.

So when you go back for your appointment to get your permanent crowns, make sure that you evaluate them for the shape, and most importantly color before they're cemented. If possible, do this next to a window with natural light, not with the bright dental light shining on them. Don't hold the mirror too close to your mouth, as that will throw a shadow on them and cause things to look darker than they are. If you're not happy, voice your concerns, as this is the time to make changes if needed.

Good luck, and I hope you have a beautiful new smile!

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