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Any young people here who have had dentures or implants?

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profchaos HB User
Question Any young people here who have had dentures or implants?

I'm just under 30 and I have very bad teeth. Not been to the dentist in a years. Maybe 8 or 9. I haven't been to the dentist yet as I am petrified (I am in the process of trying to find one).

I have read stories about jaw disintegration and heart disease which is linked to gum disease so it has got me pretty scared. My main fear at the moment is one of my front teeth is infected and I fear it has infected the bone under my nose etc.

When I talk I don't really show my teeth much so I have been able to keep it a secret. But I really want to know if any young people out there who have gone through with it tell me about the process how long it took etc. good and bad welcome. I really need to decide if living with horrible teeth or dentures is worth it. As I'm pretty shy with women anyway (even though I'm not bad looking) and want to know if people have found love after wards.

Thanks for reading.

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tbmomof3 HB User
Re: Any young people here who have had dentures or implants?

Hi there. I'm not really sure how much help I will be to you but I'm new here and thought I would respond with my experience thus far.

I'm only 25 and go in next month to have a full extraction of my upper teeth with an immediate denture to fallow. I will also be having 3-4 of my bottom molars removed and some minor fillings on my bottom front teeth.

I grew up in a very poor home with a single income(mother passed away as a child). I can count the times I'd been to a dentist on 2 hands between 8 years old and 24 when I finally bit the bullet and started getting this stuff on track. My top teeth are to a point where only about 3-4 are salvageable and instead of attempting to save them we are going with a full denture and nice even teeth. Most of my problems stem from my childhood and was just work that was never done. The state of my teeth largely effects my life. I was a young mom after moving out on my own and without medical benefits getting the work done just wasn't an option. I'm also terrified of dentists so that's got some play into it. lol.

Anyways, back on track. Last year I did a lot of looking. I phoned and emailed many dentists. Told them my situation and got a feel for who I thought would be the bets fit for me. My son was referred to a dentist and as it turns out she's great. I decided to give her a try. I went in expecting the worst, because it really is a bad situation. Many of my teeth have broken and snapped, in a couple areas only roots remain. My first appointment was nerve racking but better than I expected. I filled out the questionnaire, they ask you your history and all of that, and then I had Xrays. She then talked about what sort of plan I would like to have in place. She looked at my Xrays and then went through my mouth looking. She made a list of all the teeth that had to go, the minor work that needed done and everything. I'm in a constant battle with infections in my gums. They come and go but she didn't seem TOO concerned. I also learned I've got an impacted wisdom tooth I was unaware of.

We decided I would go to the OR and be put to sleep and have it all done at once. I could have gone to a dental surgeon and had my work done much faster but it's twice as expensive. I could have had it done in her chair with freezing or gas but given my fears and the extent of the work it didn't seem like a good option. She will need to cut open my gums and surgically remove some teeth. It's a crummy time frame. I had my first appointment back last year, about 9 months ago, but the OR wait here in my area is so long I had no choice. I'm actually traveling out of town to save me a few months longer wait.

So over all the first appointment was very relaxed and was just a lot of talking and coming up with a game plan. I went back for a cleaning shortly after to deal with the plaque build up for the past 10 years. There was A LOT. Let me tell you it was a messy thing. MY gums were sore for a few days and there was a lot of blood. They offered freezing but I went without. There was a huge difference in the look of my bottom teeth that will be saved. They were also able to get a better look at the work that needed done there. Some areas had extreme plaque build up and it looked like a cavity but wasn't.

My understanding so far is that recovery will be long. I'll have the partial denture in right away so won't go without teeth but they can be a pain. They need to be kept in for 24 hours without removal which I'm pretty worried about. They are suppose to help keep food and stuff from the holes and should help stop dry socket is my understanding. I will have to go back a few times over the course of the fallowing year to have them filled/get a proper fit. All in all I'm looking at almost 4 grand for a the upper extractions, full denture, other extractions/work and a partial denture on the bottom. I am in Canada so pricing prob isn't too helpful to you.

I've read that I should take a good amount of VIT C and calcium after the extractions as this will help aid in healing. My jaw will probably never grow back to normal but there will be some healing with the bone loss from infections. If you plan on having implants I believe in cases they can do a graft to make the jaw strong enough to support the implant. I'm not sure of the process but have a friend that experienced this. Implants are sadly far too costly for me to think about in this stage of the game.

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Nhood3 HB User
Re: Any young people here who have had dentures or implants?

Hi hope i can be of help to you! I am 21 and in 2009 i suffered my first broken tooth by 2012 my teeth were so bad i had have all 28 of my remaining teeth(the ones i hadn't yet had pulled due to pain) extracted! My eye teeth had almost disappeared and my two front teeth were breaking off quickly! So i finally visited the dentist for a full xray and check up in 10 yrs and she said my teeth were un able to be saved and dentures or implants were my only option being 21 i was heart broken but i wanted a better smile no pain and to enjoy food once again.
I did my research and found a wonderful dentist in a reasonable price range and i went in and got my teeth sized for my dentures within two months i finally went in to have my 28 teeth pulled. ( i went completely under and woke up with a temp. Pair of dentures) i woke up with barely any pain and was fine until i had to take them out for the first time painful! And a scary horror movie site but after 3 weeks i was able to take them out daily clean them and put them in with 0 pain! I visit my dentist every month to 3 months and he does adjustments because after the swelling goes down the dentures may rub their is meds at your local walmart to help the pain and adjustments only take a few mins and should be free! I had a little issue with eating with my dentures in and my dentist suggested a filling where the pretty much make the inside of your dentures semi non noticeable to you thicker i only had to go two days without my teeth and it was worth it because im able to eat anything with my teeth in now!

Like you i didnt show my teeth much so no one noticed how bad my teeth were but i did i felt the pain and saw the train wreck im my mouth with my dentures i find myself happier more confident and smiling more you may not know it but the look of your teeth affect you i never noticed until i got my dentures luckily i found my exact teeth and made them bright white! I havent been this happy in a long time!

My only concern is that you MUST be ready for the swelling pain and trial of adjustments that may come with getting dentures! If your not wait until you are so you can be 100% happy with your new smile! Im 21 if i can do it so can you if you have ANY QUESTIONS at all let me know ill be happy to answer them!
Hope this helped good luck in your journey!

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GingerMoo121212 HB User
Re: Any young people here who have had dentures or implants?

I am 30 years old. I go tomorrow to have all of my teeth extracted. To be honest, I'm terrified. I'm to be fully sedated. When I wake up, they'll apparently insert my temporary denture. Have you gone to a dentist yet? I almost had a panic attack before my first appointment. I actually started to cry when the hygienist leaned down to look in my mouth. Luckily everyone there has been really nice and understanding. I'm the same about my smile right now. I'm quiet around people, I don't smile. I don't want people to see how awful my teeth look right now. I know the pain is going to be intense. I'm as prepared as I can do that. I also know it will take some time to adjust to eating and speaking with dentures. But I know in the long run it'll be worth it. To no longer be in constant pain, to no longer be so self-conscious all the time. Definitely worth it. Good luck to you!

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