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care_berry 11-10-2009 12:56 AM

Bunch of tips!
Hi everyone! So I thought I would post a few tips on here as I have done lots of reading about health. I mostly tend to be around the anxiety forum, but I thought I would pop onto this one and help out as well. Depression and anxiety tend to be linked together so what might work for one, may work for the other issue.

Omega 3 deficiencies are found almost unanimously in people with depression. Taking good quality fish oils, such as cod liver oil can help tremendously. The better versions are in liquid form instead of the pill form. I suspect it may have to do with absorbability issues and it may just make it easier for the body to absorb. I take this daily to avoid depression and I notice an instant mood boost when I take it!

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to depression. It may be a good idea to get your D levels checked. The best source of vitamin D is from sunlight, however during the winter months it is typically harder to get, especially in more northernly climates. Vitamin D supplementation can be a good idea, if needed. Vitamin D3 is the best kind and most absorbable. Vitamin D is also in fish and cod liver oils.

Vitamin E and C have been shown too to be deficient in people with depression.

Deficiency in the B-vitamins can be a contributor of depression. Many people with depression have a deficiency in these vitamins.

Magnesium deficiency can be a big problem for depression sufferers as well. The best kind is to find trandsdermal magnesium because it is much better absorbed through the skin. Many foods contain magnesium, but the content has gone down since the advent of modern farming techniques.

Take a good quality multivitamin that does not contain synthetic vitamins but natural ones.

So why so many deficiencies? It's possibly due to diet and the lack of enough sunlight. It can also be due to absorption problems. One reason for this may be gluten intolerance. I went to a health conference where the featured doctor that spoke talked about how 1 in 3 people are intolerant. The suggestion was to go on an elimination of gluten from the diet for several weeks and then reintroducing small amounts at a time. If there is a reaction, then that may signify an intolerance.

Gluten is contained in several grains, including wheat, rye, barley, and sometimes oats. Gluten blocks absorption of nutrients in the body, which can lead to deficiencies and other health problems. It has also been linked with depression.

Soaking any grains, nuts, or seeds in water for at least 8 hours allows for more absorbability of the vitamins and nutrients into the body through the elimination of the toxic phytic acid and other anti-nutrients.

Hidden food allergies can be a cause of depression. The book "Don't Drink Your Milk" has quite a bit of info on this subject. A psychiatrist in the book found that his patients who suffered from anxiety and depression really had food sensitivities or allergies. Once he was able to identify the sensitive foods for a particular patient and eliminate those foods from the diet, the patient would then no longer suffer from their mental health issues.

Eat as many of your foods as you can that are organic.

Hypnosis can be helpful in identifying the cause of the depression and can possibly put it to an end.

Biofeedback therapy has been shown to be very useful in depression to help retrain you to take control over your emotions.

Sleeping in a room with lights on all night has been shown to increase depression. Sleeping in a dark room with to where no light is allowed in is supposed to be very helpful. It has to do with your body producing melatonin and it may not happen as well when lights are on, disrupting the whole body's sleep cycles. In nature, we would naturally have this light-dark cycle. Fixing this problem can be done by covering all windows, clocks, and other electronics that emit light.

Well, hopefully this is a good start and these are some of the things I remembered off the top of my head. I may contribute more later. Thanks for reading!

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