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Scythh 04-16-2016 04:27 PM

Depression and several drugs
Hello, im a 21 year old male suffering from depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed with it last year and my doc prescribed for me paxil(seroxat) which made miracles in a couple of weeks. This december i decided to quit paxil but without tappering it off, so 3 months later my withdrawal syptoms appeared and i had to take an ssri again. My doc gave me brintelix(vorteoxetin)which didnt work for the first month and then he prescribed for me valdoxan(agomelatin) which also didnt work and increased my anxiety and depression and also gave me a panic attack. After the panic attack i contacted him and he suggested that i take paxil again since it worked for me at first. But through these trials ive been having irrational and unwanted thoughts for example hurting someone or myslef, and these thoughts give me a huge fear. So the question is, how long will it take for paxil to work again and make me feel better?

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