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angelomercy 05-28-2019 09:44 PM

Post 2nd decompression and spinal fusion
In 2004 I got a plant twist injury at work effecting mostly my back. We tried all the conservative tx's but nothing worked and I did not go back to work. In 2007 I had a posterior bilateral decompression fusion at L4,L5 and S1 with instrumentation. I went back to work briefly as a floor nurse in LTC which is what I am. The Dr took me off work after just a few weeks because the med carts were heavy and took about 2 hrs of standing which I was having a great deal of trouble handling. Back to PT OT and all that finally in 2014 I went back but into home health peds. I worked for three years then one night while changing her CRACK off work again. They did tests that show DDD, spinal stenosis and anteriolythisis (one disk slipped onto another forcing it to bulge out and impinge nerves. So in Jan of this year back to surgery. The immediate after effects were far better than in 2007 but now my RLS and PLMD are far worse. The pain is moderately severe even with nucynta which i think could be the cause of the jitters.

After getting hurt in 2004 I developed low grade depression and generalized anxiety. Now I only leave my house to go to WC MD appts. And the depression got even worse. I don't want to do anything or see anybody or even answer my phone. I don't know what to do I can't sleep because of the RLS and PLMD (severe internal jitteriness.) I also lost my youngest son in 2016 and I feel like my life is over.

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