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BetsyAnn 03-23-2004 01:43 AM

Does anyone take Strattera for depression or anxiety?
Do any of you take Strattera for depression or anxiety? The reason I ask is my 10 year old son has been on it for about 10 months. It is working great for his anxiety, germ obsession, and depression. But he was put on it for adhd-which I do not believe he has. (I am certain, however that my six year old son has adhd-I add this so you don't just think I have denial issues about my children having adhd.)

If the medicine is working so well than what is the problem? Well, [I]it really bugs me to go for med checks![/I] We spend our time discussing the adhd (which, again, I do not think he has). And the Dr. just ignores the anxiety, obsessions, and depression issues. He feels that they are side effects of the adhd. The fact that the meds are woking so well just further convinces the Dr. that my son must have adhd since Strattera is marketed for adhd. The Dr. always checks to see how my son is doing in school. He is getting straight A's so the Dr. assumes the medicine must be helping his adhd. He has always gotten straight A's. He has never paid attention while the teacher is talking and [U]he still doesn't [/U] (even on strattera). But he has never had to pay attention in school. He is very bright and he doesn't need the same repetition that most kids do. He also always has some very important issue he is thinking about and resolving.
I should add that the anxiety and obsessiveness have been with him since he was a toddler. But I never saw any attention problems [U]at home [/U] until last year. He has always been very focused. (Strattera is not helping the type of attention problems that he is now having-ignoring people when they start speaking to him.)

I guess I am just looking for verification that Stattera does help some people that have depression and anxiety but don't have adhd.

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