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free_butterfly 04-14-2004 09:22 PM

Paint color for a bedroom
I have the opportunity to paint my bedroom. It is currently a sort of powder blue with a little grey mixed in it. I was told by someone that powder blue isn't good for someone with depression. She is no expert so maybe she is wrong.
Just thought I would ask this site to find out what a good color would be to help me sleep and stop me from having racing thoughts.
The colors I can go with would be shades of pink, green, purple and blue. I can't stand yellow so that wouldn't work.
I am on medicaton for this severe depression (they call it) with PTSD and anxiety. I have been on Xanax for many years and started taking Lexapro 20mgs about 3 months ago. Just started with Effexor XR 75 mgs. I think the Effexor has given me the energy to tackle this project.
Thanks for posting!

quincy 04-15-2004 01:07 AM

Re: Paint color for a bedroom
[COLOR=DarkGreen]Hi....use all 4. Actually, those are all in my bedroom. My walls are like a dark dusty pinky grey. My duvet cover has all of your above mentioned colours in it. My blind has a few stripes with all those colours plus white. I have pictures, one with a matt with a dusty blue, another a sage green, another with a champagne colour.

Pick a colour you like if you go with the 4 for 3 of the walls. Then do one wall, your feature wall with large squares of each of the 4 colours. It looks great, as a matter of fact it was in a magazine recently and on a room renovations program.

Another option, which I recently did in my upstairs room is aqua with white ceiling and woodwork. It can also be done with a pale yellow ceiling (I know you don't like yellow). OR which I think looks absolutely AWESOME is a nice mid green (your choice) with a mid periwinkle blue. Green ceiling and blue walls or viceversa. You can bring the ceiling down one foot onto the wall. Put a wooden casing or border (2" width at most) and paint it white or a colour you like.

I find that the many colours I've chosen for my rooms aren't limited to only one...I pick a palette of 3 or 4.

Pick up a magazine that has painting suggestions for colours, or check out a renovations store and take handsful of paint chips. cut them all up and mix and match.

Make it an adventure, you'll warm to ones that make you feel cozy, but not too mellow.

Pick your bedding first and go from there. I did my walls to match the bedding I already had, and had to seek out other bedding because I wanted something new. It was a challenge to search it out, but worth it in the end. I still feel good in my bedroom.

Have fun!!! :cool:


lori j 04-15-2004 01:23 AM

Re: Paint color for a bedroom
Blue & all the colors you mention are considered "cool" colors. When I want to be uplifted I think of the sun. Now, you said no yellow, so that is out. How about a pale peach, that is a warm color, sort of in the pink zone, or a peachy pink rather than a cool pink. What color is your favorite color? What color is predominate in your closet?

lori j 04-15-2004 01:24 AM

Re: Paint color for a bedroom
More, forgot to say, mine is a pale yellow with powder blue accents. I even found a comforter & valances that are mostly pale yellow & have powder blue accents in them.

jenn.e 04-15-2004 06:40 AM

Re: Paint color for a bedroom
Hi there, :wave:
I love blue. Although Dark blue can be depressing, some of the lighter shades are pleasing to look at. I just went through an interview class where they suggested you wear shades of blue to interviews. It is clean, fresh, and soothing. I think that any bright color would make me go nuts.

Crossbow 04-15-2004 10:52 AM

Re: Paint color for a bedroom
According to studies done on prison inmates, green is the most calming color. Pink incites the most violence. I can't remember what they said about blue, but I personally find it makes a room feel cold and depressing.

free_butterfly 04-15-2004 10:01 PM

Re: Paint color for a bedroom
Thanks for all the posts!!
Purple is my favorite and will be the color of my ceiling. It is a really dark purple. The colors I mentioned are all in my comforter. Including yellow which looks good with all the other colors. I guess I will do the walls in green glad I didn't go with pink! I can also do sponging in a different color on top of the green.
I'll check back to see if anyone else has any ideas.
Thanks a lot!

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