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LoUsual 11-26-2004 11:27 PM

SSRIs and compulsive eating
I am new to antidepressants. My doctor prescribed Lexapro 10 mg back in September and I noticed that it not only helped me with my crying and feelings of inertia, it also reduced my appetite, especially towards the end of the first week. This was great since compulsive overeating is a lifelong problem. However, the appetite effect began to wane after several weeks, so my doctor prescribed Paxil CR, as it's supposed to help make you feel full. Since switching to 25 mg of Paxil CR my appetite is back full force, although the other symptoms have not returned. Before the switch, the doctor had considered upping the Lexapro, so now I'm thinking I should do that instead of continuing with the Paxil. I'm not sure that the Lexapro effect is actually appetite suppression per se - it's probably more that Lexapro was better with the serotonin levels than Paxil is for me, even though my Dr. says both medicines are practically the same. I am working on both the depression and overeating in therapy, but my brief experience with Lexapro has convinced me that my overeating is at least partially chemically-based. Does anyone with depression accompanied by compulsive overeating have any experience with SSRIs helping to reduce that behavior? Any advice as far as SSRIs that work for this?


mudhound 11-27-2004 03:38 AM

Re: SSRIs and compulsive eating
I do the over eating thing too. I try to dring loads of water to stop it. It seems to work some.

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