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Spin444 04-06-2006 02:21 PM

Re: is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?
Kostalkat, I'm glad that I helped you in some way. My sister in law can't smile at all. Even when we drag her out (we nearly have to carry her) for a family dinner at a restaurant and try to have fun, her face just hangs there. She looks like she's in another world. She was never like that before doctors put her on a cocktail of psych drugs and then a few other drugs for the side effects, like high blood pressure. She's pale and sweaty looking too. She's 58, but looks 88. It's so sad.

It sounds like your yoga (I'm SO glad that you're taking it) master might have some good advice for you. Please listen to those who really care and want to help you.

Funny, even those who claim to be helped by a drug, often visits depression sites for help and support, which is good, but if the drugs worked so well, why the need? Why the need for even MORE drugs or upped doses? That's because the drugs don't work well for many, many users, maybe even the majority, from all that I've read.

Good luck to you!! If you don't see any relief soon, a tapering of some of your drugs could help.Talk to your doctor first, of course. And know that your brain will need to heal for a certain amount of time.

MagicSunshine 04-07-2006 02:14 PM

Re: is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?

I enjoy the people that are on this site. They helped me when I was so down. I care for them and that's why I continue to come here. Someday I may need their help again. I'm not 100% yet. That takes time. Why are you here??


Spin444 04-07-2006 08:41 PM

Re: is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?
Hi Connie, I would think that it's obvious why I post on boards like this. For one thing, I still have some trouble with sadness, so it helps to read the posts of others and to offer advice. I often leave natural remedy info about depression that has helped me tremendously, including exercise, diet, behavioral modification, etc. Now that I know how bogus and unsafe some drugs are, I put much more effort into staying well and it works very well, not perfectly, but very well. I can live without yearning for a drug that I think might take away my pain. I've learned a lot about mind control that has helped me focus on the joys of life. I've learned to push out the negative and I think that it's very possible for most people to learn to fight depression naturally.

Also, after my sister nearly died after her stroke which caused her brain to bleed for 3 days; I became passionate about learning more about the drug and, when I found that the problems were so common and often very serious, I became even more passionate about making sure that others were warned. I know that I've helped countless people get through withdrawal. I was involved in writing the Paxil withdrawal guide. We've received so many letters of thanks, that I couldn't even begin to count them. I don't mean to pat myself on the back; I'm just giving you some idea, since you asked, what motivates me to visit boards relating to mental and emotional issues. I have never wanted to scare anyone, but to inform them of the harsh realities of certain drugs that their doctors may not warn about. On some sites, only the pro-drug agenda is welcome. That's neither safe or responsible. I really find it criminal that drug companies don't provide weaning guides when they know full well how difficult it is to quit taking certain drugs. Where is the FDA on this? Wouldn't it be great if there were weaning guides that would help peeople get off a drug without wanting to die? It's obvious that providing a weaning guide would send up a red flag to potential customers, because it would be admitting that there is a withdrawal problem. Drug companies would probably lose sales and that's their bottom line. It strikes me as vastly hypocritical when drug companies fein concern in their commercial, but leave so many users suffering when it's completely unneccessary. Odd, don't you think, that withdrawal guides have to be fashioned by former users? That's when people say, "ask your doctor", I just cringe because they rarely provide a schedule that is slow enough to work well. Why should they know anything about it? The drug reps won't tell them anything because they aren't provided anything. That's just one of the underhanded tactics that drug companies use to ensure good sales and, as usual, it's at the expense of all of us.

I sincerely hope that you don't need more help and that Lexapro will prove to be the perfect drug for you. I imagine that it is possible to stay on it indefinitely and not have trouble. Lexapro withdrawal can be difficult, but it's not quite as common or severe as that of Paxil or Effexor, for instance. I hope that you're one of the lucky ones.

Have a good evening.

Alex6657 04-09-2006 01:05 PM

Re: is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?
Spin, please don't misunderstand my original post. I was not suggesting that Shelly just jump in with both feet and ask for another medication or higher doses or anything of the sort. I was simply suggesting that she may be one of those few people who are like I am; those who ARE helped by more than one medication. I found out that I NEED two different antidepressants during periods of switching over from one med to the other. My psychiatrist over-lapped the switch from Serzone to Wellbutrin and I felt really good. After I stopped the Serzone I didn't feel really good. I didn't want to go back on Serzone (this was long before they pulled it) so we tried amitryptyline. I didn't like that either. My family doctor tried Remeron and I didn't like that. Finally, after thinking about it a great deal I went and talked to my doctor about Effexor. I'm on a fairly low dose of it and I have no plans to increase it if it can be avoided. I know about all the warnings about withdrawal, but I doubt that I'll ever have to worry about that because I'm going to be on meds for the rest of my life.

Kostalkat 04-11-2006 08:20 AM

Re: is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?
I would like to thank everyone for their valued thoughts on this. I have decided to minimize my medications. After speaking withmy family, who live away from me, they were all concerned. I went to visit them last month and was told what a 'zombie' I was. They said I wasn't myself at all... I can't remember what it is like to 'be myself'. It has been so long and very sad. Like I mentioned earlier, I cannot remember the last time I laughed or really felt like I was in control. I am still crying alot and feeling hopeless and powerless at times. I am so lost right now. I get out for walks, biking, yoga and meditation and do find some sense of relief. When my family told me this, I denied what they saw and just said I was going through alot. Of course on some level they do not understand, they haven't been to the state where I am or have been. Being off of work right now isn't the best for me as I feel antsy. The funny thing (well sad) is I am actually a youth counsellor. I guess sometimes it is easier to focus on other issues then my own. I have taken time off to regroup and do some 'soul searching'. I am really glad to have access to this site and to others who understand. I love that I can say what I am feeling without being judged or told to 'cheer up' or 'get over it'. Thank you to everyone here, you are truly a blessing.

Kostalkat aka Shelly

macadamiaNUT 04-11-2006 04:23 PM

Re: is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?
Hey Shelly,

Feeling like a zombie, or acting like one as your family mentioned doesn't sound ideal, certainly. I understand looking for something else that works that doesn't make you feel so "not you". Please talk (call him) your doctor before you go about minimizing your medications. Effexor has the reputation of being perhaps more difficult than Paxil to taper off from. Share with him what you have learned here, specificially about tapering effects, and consult with him about your options. There are middle roads to recovering. It really doesn't have to be ALL meds or NO meds.

I do sometimes wonder, if you had diabetes, what family members and so on would say about those meds. Don't take your insulin?? Well, actually, that IS what they used to say, in the 50's before the stigma of having diabetes died down and the efficacy of insulin was demonstrated. Like now with depression etc., people told diabetics to think differently to overcome their illness. Didn't probably work well for them. Doesn't always work for depression either (for me, meds worked like a charm, and do to this day).

Is there maybe a therapist/PhD/MSW of some type that you could talk to, to support you in your soul searching and time away from work? Supportive people around a person are very high on the list of "alternative or additive" treatment.

your former "neighbor", eh

Kostalkat 04-12-2006 08:25 AM

Re: is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?
Hi Diane! Good to hear from you. I appreciate your assistance in suggesting I call my doctor and yes, I should do so. After my experience of coming off of Paxil, I should be talking to them. I find myself lately, just cutting people out of my life, including the medical profession, and I know I need to get out of it. Yesterday was such a bad day and I cried probably for most of it. I was trying to explain to a friend of mine just what a lost and debilitating feeling depression can be. Thankfully she doesn't truly understand as I would never wish this on my worst enemy. (not that I have any I am aware of! ha) I felt like such a reject yesterday, that there is no one out there that wants me. I say that because of my recent job explorations... and the let downs. I am of the mind that everything has its purpose and tend to get quite philisophical about things. Somedays it is easier to accept and others days it's like why do I even bother. I also think, what have I done to deserve this pain? I am a good person, with good morales. I wear my heart on my sleeve and would do anything for anyone. Which on some level isn't that good because I tend to put others before me. I am going on and on... sorry. I found a support group that starts tonight for women who have suffered a miscarriage and need support. I am thinking of going, as I still have unresolved issues with that. Hopefully it will be good for me!

I hope you are doing well, and thank you for your response, You always give me something to think about!


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