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consuela 12-13-2006 04:27 AM

can environment make someone depressed ?
hi folks, need some advice here

does anyone believe that the environment can have such an impact on someone that he suffers fm depression ? i'm talking abt the physical environment here - location of the house, neighbours, etc.

ever since we moved into this apartment, my bro has been complaining that he hates the place and its affecting his ability to go about the day-to-day activities. it has carried on for more than 5 years, and during this period, he has been down in mood. he has become very quiet n doesn't socialise much. hides behind the computer all day - i'm not even sure if its computer addiction or depression caused by his dislike for the place where we live. because of the depressed mental state, he can't seem to stay in a job for long. its a vicous cycle n we are all worried for him.

do u think the feng shui of the place has got something to do with it ?

xxxzoexxx 12-13-2006 05:54 AM

Re: can environment make someone depressed ?
yes, i think someone's environment can play a big role on someone's depression.

i have found that sitting in front of the computer alot can make my depression worse.

Also how old is your brother? make sure he isn't getting abused by neighbours, that could be happening and he's just scared to tell anyone.

i hope i've helped :)

take care.

joebloggs2 12-13-2006 03:50 PM

Re: can environment make someone depressed ?
Feng shui is fake, don't buy into it. However, set and setting play a major role in your mood.

For example, you need certain hours of the sun daily else you'll feel depressed. This is not my opinion but it's science. There was a recent article I read about a village that had no sun for a couple of months straight every winter.

There is a Seasonal Affective Disorder called Winter Depression in which patients feel depressed during winter, mainly because the sun is up for fewer hours.

Exposure to the sun also affects your sleep cycle, which in turn affects your brain chemistry. Not to get into detail, yes set and setting are very important.

Some places will be associated with certain memories or things in your head.

Plants and pets really help, so do colors of curtains, walls, and the lights being used. Actually I was so depressed once that I tore a hole in the wall and put a window so I can see my garden. Now I feel great during the summer. Before that I felt trapped.

Happy Days 12-13-2006 04:59 PM

Re: can environment make someone depressed ?

Major life changes can also cause depression. I had a nice home and had to sell it do to finances this past summer. I am now living in a small older apartment. I am thankful to have a roof over my head but I miss my "home" and my neighbors. There was a lot involved with the move. Not sure of the circumstances for your brother's move but major life changes can cause depression.

consuela 12-14-2006 06:23 AM

Re: can environment make someone depressed ?
hi all,
thanks for your advice.

my bro is so fixated on the apartment as the root of his problems, that now he is blaming on this n feeling resigned. the whole situation is kinda screwed up. its difficult to get him to change his perspective when his thoughts are so negative n mind closed. but if he doesn't do something, how can things improve for him ?

the problem started when we shifted to this new apartment. he hated it n frequently talks abt how he likes our old place. come to think of it, he did have major life events. he lost his best friend to an accident, which hit him real hard. then he suffered injuries in a soccer match which robbed him fm being able to play the game he loved. it hits hard at a guy's ego, perhaps. i guess all these culminated in the depression.

the question now is, how to get him out ???

Sannah 12-14-2006 06:41 AM

Re: can environment make someone depressed ?
Consuela, it sounds like your brother has suffered 3 major losses. This is a lot for anyone. Maybe encourage him to post here for a start?

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