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violaa 12-17-2006 02:50 AM

i cant go on anymore
:mad: :confused: hi well i hope anyone can help iam 40 yrs old ive been married to my husband 4 7 yrs 8 in april the last 5 yrs iahve been so depressed my hubby works all the time iam so lonely when he get home and always late we never talk anymore when i try he dosnt listen he has 3 kids i have 2 my grls have never disraspected him nor would i ever let them.his 2 children one now 18 treatys me like crap and he does nothing about it.noe his 14 yr old grl that i raised 4 7 yrs has started after she has started spending time with her mom alot.he treat his ex better then he treats me.i feel like im marred to her at times. she has always put her 2 cents in our marrage and he acts as if he is scared of her. his daughter came home with hickeys in her neck i threw a fir he told me or yelled at at me dont tell him how to raise is fu blank daughter tthjat hurt. now she is treating me like crap and once again he does nothing about it.he acts like our money is his money cause at this time iam not working my plans are to leave hin jan 1st i do love him but somtimes i think do i.hen i go to my moms im a totally differnt person i laugh here at home i stay in my room dont go nowere and dont even sleep in the same bed with him.when im home i stay sick i cry and iam so loney i dont know what to do any more i have talk to him he say he loves me and he will change things but he dosnt iam so lonly and they always say im just in a pity party any help plz would appreate it i love him but i stress and tired of being sick in my body.

inda 12-17-2006 04:18 AM

Re: i cant go on anymore
[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="MediumTurquoise"][B]****{violaa}}}

Yes ... get out of there!!! You should be cherished and nurtured and made to feel loved and secure.

If he is not providing these basic things then he is not wanting to have a ""good"" relationship,

Raising children is never easy, even if they were entirely yours and his. Children learn what they live and the way they are living and seeing how you are treated sets them up to be in toxic relationships later. Break this cycle for theirs and your own well being.

My only other suggestion would be to run not walk as far away from this toxic relationship and get yourself some counseling... he also if he would be willing. Plus defintely the children all of them,

But above all remember no one treats you anyway but the way you "allow" them to.

stay in touch, we all care!!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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