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Depression And The Islamic Religon

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Old 06-05-2007, 10:09 PM   #1
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depressedguy HB User
Depression And The Islamic Religon

I Am A 21 Year Old American Male. I Am Currently Attending A State School And Have A 3.9 Gpa. Recently My Sister Ran Away From Home. I Dont Think That I Will Really Ever Hear From Her Again. I Always Thought We Had A Some What Close Relation, In The Sense That We Did Not Fight Like The Way Tv Tells Us Brothers And Sisters Fight. Sometimes We Would Even Go To The Mall Together And Watch Movies Together, In Fact The Last Movie We Saw Together Was Saw 3. Anyway She Has Always Had Trouble At Home Especially With My Mother, And My Sister Has Always Tried To Stay As Far Away From Home As Possible. She Was Always Running Away, But This Time She Made It. So Now Its Just Me And My Parents. I Do Not Really Have Any Close Friends, And I Also Do Not Have Any Cousins That Live Nearby. My Whole Life Really Has Been Quite Solitary Outside Of My Family. My Mother Is A Mentally Ill Woman, And Her Condition Gets Worst Every Day. My Father On The Other Hand Is Physicall Ill. In Fact He Has Had Cancer And It May Be Returning. In Reality My Father Has Always Been My Only Real Friend, And I Am Coming To The Sad Realization That He Is Not Going To Be Around For A Very Long Time. My Mother On The Other Hand Is Healthy As A Horse, Its Her Mind That Has Collapsed. I Feel That Soon It Will Just Be Me And My Mom And I Will Probably Be The One Taking Care Of Her. I Graduate Next Year, And I Am Pretty Confident I Will Have A Well Paying Job. Can You Belive Im 21 And I Have Never Had A Girlfriend. I Am Way To Skinny For My Age, And Defenitley Do Not Look Like Justin Timberlake, Or Those Other Teen Heart Throbs. Since I Am Not A Party Person I Really Do Not See Myself Falling In Love Or Getting Married. The Best Place To Meet A Girl Is At A Club Or A Bar, But Thats Just Never Been My Life Style. My Mother Although Mentally Ill Is A Devout Christian. She Belives We Are Living In The End Times, She Claims That God Speaks To Her And Gives Her Gifts, And She Says That Jesus's Arrival Is Just A Few Months Away, Although She Has Said That Before, But When He Does Not Come, She Post Pones The Date. It Has Gotten So Bad That She Will Go To The Super Market And Scream At The Cashier That Jesus Is Coming And Then Give The Customer Behind Her The Middle Finger. She Calls 1800 Numbers, And Tells Them That Jesus Is Coming And That They Need To Quit Their Job And Start Praying. She Says That It Is Sinful For Us To Live In A House, And That She Wants To Live On A Mountain. She Has Also Said That Ronald Reagan And Pope John Paul The Second Are Going To Come Back Flying In The Air. I Won't Bore You With Her Other Stories, But Sometimes When I Get Home She Tells Me To Read A Bible Passage Out Loud. I Do It Just To Calm Her Down, Then I Quickly Retreat Upstairs To My Room To Get Away From It All. I Surf The Net And Watch Tv To Kill The Time. My Favorite Shows Are Family Guy, The Simpsons, Jay Leno, The Daily Show, And I Also Like Music Videos Some Times. I Love To Laugh, But The More I Try To Make My Self Happy With All Of These Things, The More Empty I Feel Inside. I Am Sad That I Think I Will Never See My Sister Again, And I Am Sad With My Mothers Mental Condition, I Am Also Sad That I Feel Like I Am Loosing My Father. When I Think Of The Future, I See My Self Pretty Much Alone, Working A 9-5 Job, Coming Home And Falling Asleep To The Tonight Show, Thats Sort Of How It Is Now Except My Parents Are Downstairs. I Recently Saw The Mtv Movie Awards And The Host Sara Silverman Made Some Penis Joke, And I Saw A Very Old And Bald Jack Nicholsan Laughing. To Me It Looked Pathetic, This Rich And Famous Hollywood Man Sitting In His Chair Laughing At A Penis Joke. All His Money, All His Fame And All His Power, Sitting In A Room Full Of Phonies, Laughing At Things That We Should Have Gotten Out Of Our System In High School. There Are People All Around The World Starving, And Dying In Wars, And Yet Here I Am Doing The Same Thing Jack Nicholsan Does. Night After Night Watching My Favorite Dirty Little Shows And Then Falling Asleep. Is This What Life Is About??? The Atheists Say You Only Live Once So Have Fun. Well Tell That To The Billions Of People Who Live In Poverty, And Dont Have Food To Eat. It Is Easy To Say Have Fun When Everything Is Taken Care Of, But Us Americans Are Only 5 Percent Of The Worlds Population, And Sometimes We Forget That The Rest Of The World Does Not Have It As Good As We Do, And Cannot Afford To Be Having Fun. I Could Not Be An Atheist Because I Know There Is A Creator. I Cannot Be Jewish, Well Because I Dont Have The Luxury Of Being Born One Of Gods Chosen People. I Cannot Be A Hindu, Well Because No Offense, But I Can't Worship A Cow, Id Much Rather Eat One. My Whole Life I Have Had To Work Hard. Every Time I Slacked Off I Would Pay For It. I Know Life Is About Hard Work, And I Know All Of You Realize That Too. I Cannot Imagine This Whole Life We Work So Hard, And Christianity Tells Us, All We Have To Do Is Accept Jesus, And Really We Can Do What Ever We Like. Are You Going To Tell Me That This Whole Life We Have To Work Hard To Get Good Grades, Or To Get A Promotion, And God Is Just Going To Turn Around And Say Accept Me, And Ill Forgive All Your Sins. It Just Cant Be That Simple, Its Ridiculously Simple, Its Too Good To Be True. 1 Billion People Follow The Religon Of Islam On Earth, And There Has To Be A Reason Why. What Is Islam??? Well Its Not Terrorism. In Fact I Would Like To Give The Taliban A Copy Of The Koran, And Ask Them Where Does It Say What You Preach??? From What I Have Read In The Koran, Islam Teaches Peace And Love To Your Fellow Man, Although Unfortunatley Some Of The People Who Claim They Follow It Do The Exact Opposite. I Dont Want To Live With Nothing In My Heart, And Islam Is The Only Religon That Has Made Sense To Me. Islam Says That You And You Alone Are Responsible For Your Self, And That Only You Can Save Yourself, No One Else. And How Do You Save Your Self, By Being A Good Person, By Being Non Violent, By Helping The Poor, And Living A Righteous Life, Because Every Sin We Commit, We Will Have To Give Account On The Day Of Judgement. I Wanted To Ask People To Take A Look At This Religon, And Not To Get The Wrong Idea From Some One Like Osama Bin Laden, Or The Cable News. I Think I Finally Found Something That Can Make Me Happy.

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Old 06-05-2007, 11:21 PM   #2
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emeraldeyes114 HB User
Re: Depression And The Islamic Religon

I after 9/11 had to know what this religion was about. I felt that it couldn't be all that I thought or heard of and soon became friends with a young man from the Middle East who helped me much. I asked questions and he did the best he could to answer them. I did not convert to Islam but did come to appreciate the beauty and wisdom in one of the lesser understood or known religions. People assume that it is all about death, doom, destruction, and fear. When so much is compassion, love, and so many other things. Follow your heart where it will lead you.

As far as meeting young women one of the things I know is to look in the places of interest. Meaning meeting someone who shares interests such as like if you enjoy pottery then taking a class and seeing who else likes it. That sort of thing. I don't recommend trying to get a date via the bar scene even though I did meet my hubby there and we are celebrating ten years of marriage now. My hubby is no Brad Pitt but in my eyes much more beautiful and wonderful to me. Looks to each seem and are seen differently. So never say that no one will not think themselves lucky to have you as a mate or spouse. There is someone out there.

I am sorry that your sister left and that you fear you may never see nor talk to her again. I hope that this will not be the case and that you never lose sight of how much you love and care for her. Life can suprise you at times with what you never expect.


Old 06-06-2007, 01:26 AM   #3
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isitme HB Userisitme HB User
Re: Depression And The Islamic Religon

What is life all about?

living, loving, laughing and learning.

You remember these 4 things and your life will be better. Whichever avenue you take, that will lead you down anothr avenue, and so on. You seem to have so much going against you at the moment. I'm sorry your dad, your only true friend, will soon no longer be around, but he will live in you. You have adopted the good he has.
your sister? - Getting away is HER way of dealing with what you were both enduring. There is no way that living in your house can be fun right now. I'm sure she'll be intouch with you when she is ready. It sounds like you were very close.

Your mother? -
Is is receiving any help for her mental state? Many, many mental health issues can be managed with medication, therapy and understanding. There is no need for her to carry on the way she is, without help. This in turn must be stressing you out further.

Girlfriends? -
Every couple DID NOT meet each other in a club/pub!!!!!!! You are young and free. Enjoy the company and friendship of others. There is no sense rushing things just to say - "I am part of a couple". I married at 19 and believe me, I wasted 12 years of my life on a loser!

Religion? -
You are finding yourself and your faith. Which faith you choose is entirely up to YOU, no one else. I was brought up a catholic. At 30'ish I chose to be an athiest. MY CHOICE.
Sorry for the long sermon, but you sound like you have lost yourself within your family. I hope you find yourself real soon. Good luck.

Old 06-06-2007, 05:47 AM   #4
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marian100 HB User
Re: Depression And The Islamic Religon

Please do not reject one religion because that is the focus of you mother's mental illness. You said it is to simple. Well it is and it isn't. In christianity work will not get you to heaven. Acceptance of Christ is what does it. The accepting part is just the beginning. That is faith and faith without works is dead. It is really more complex but I can understand that her obssesion with this has turned you off of it. I hope you find some peace no matter what path you take. Godbless

Old 06-06-2007, 06:59 AM   #5
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kpoe HB User
Re: Depression And The Islamic Religon

My heart goes out to you in that I have experienced alot of what you have experienced. My mother had emotional imbalance and my father had significant heart disease while I was growing-up. It seemed like I was the only kid at college whose parents didn't come for parent's weekend. I felt different.

Kudos to you for having such incredible grades! That is a real strong point for you!

The best way to meet a dating partner, I think, is through an activity or hobby that you enjoy. For example, I love animals and got involved with volunteering at animal shelters and met lots of people that way. Do you like any sports, activties or hobbies? Anything.....chess, soccer, working-out, poetry, etc....

It is very normal to go through religious and faith-based searches during your young adult life. Everyone does it, seriously. Do the research and follow what makes you feel comfortable, whatever it may be. There is a quiz somewhere on the internet to figure out what belief you are in sync with. Search for religious belief quizzes. It will help organize your thoughts.

Your mom...... That is tough, she sounds like she has a psychotic-based disorder with odd beliefs and hallucinations. It's easy to say that she needs psychiatric help, but you cannot force her to get help and maintain herself on medication. Who is going to babysit her and watch that she takes all of her meds? Who says she will even been willing to take meds? If she's like my mom was, she may not even be willing to see a doctor about it. It is out of your control - easy to say, not so easy to accept.

Your sister sounds like she is coping with avoidance. Who doesn't want to avoid feeling the stress and pain of problems. I bet she contacts you because she will feel a need for family connection and you sound like the most dependable point of contact for her.

It sounds like you have managed very normally with all that you have going on. It may help to see a counselor. I know that every college and University has a counseling department. I'd check it out and schedule. It would be free counseling, a benefit to you with enrollment at the University. I wish you well.

Old 06-06-2007, 01:13 PM   #6
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Sannah HB UserSannah HB User
Re: Depression And The Islamic Religon

Depressed Guy, Islam worships the same God as Jews and Christians. First there were the Jews and then Christ came and then there were Christians. After Christ, Muhammad received the Koran from God. Muslims believe what Jews and Christians believe except that Jesus is the son of God because God is not human and cannot have a son. They believe that he came from God though. I believe that many Christians and Muslims have lost the path. (I haven't heard much about any Jews who have?). Just as Christians have come after the Jews and accept the Old Testament, the Muslims have come after both groups in the "lineage" (God has kept sending prophets to us, Moses, Christ and then Muhammad).

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Old 06-07-2007, 02:21 AM   #7
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mooaa HB User
Re: Depression And The Islamic Religon

muslims believes in jesus ,moses ,and all the prophets but mohamed is last prophet and god sent him the koranThere is no other book like it anywhere on earth. It is absolutely perfect in the Arabic language. It has no mistakes in grammar, meanings or context. The scientific evidences are well known around the entire world, even amongst non-Muslim scholars. Predictions in the koran have come true; and its teachings are clearly for all people, all places and all times. No one has been able to produce a book like it, nor ten chapters like it, nor even one chapter like it. It was memorized by thousands of people during the lifetime of Muhammad and god preserved it so there is no other versions just one book the same since gabrial taught mohamhed about from the god no mistakes no changes it is a miracle .

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