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jujubeez725 06-15-2007 09:15 AM

Hello all!

It's a beautiful, sunny day and it's gonna be a hot one!
No rain, no humidity in sight. I feel rather well. :)
It's a Father's Day weekend so.......

Happy Father's Day to the fathers! :)

justlilme 06-15-2007 09:52 AM

Re: Friday
Hi Juju...hi everyone!

I'm still feeling down, trying to keep myself up and not spiral down. Thanks you guys for your support in the "thursday" thread, especially to Sannah, my official mommy figure here. :)

I wish everyone a happy Friday!!! Chaos, enjoy Florida. Juju, Sly, and Sannah, enjoy the kids and hubby this Father's day weekend. Dakota, hang in there, hon.

Happy Happy weekend to all! :wave:


ChaosAD 06-15-2007 10:12 AM

Re: Friday
Greetings! Today seems to be a nice lazy day at work. That is quite a change from the rest of the week. Sadly I do have to stay a little late today, but it is just because I have to be here physically in case anything goes wrong. The time has passed nicely today. I even have the US Open playing on another one of my monitors here :)

The weather today is more storms. I don't mind that tonight as long as I get a good drive home. I hate driving in the rain! I'm hoping this weekend stays nice so i can get all that lawn work that has been piling up.

I'm finally sleeping better, which is a great feeling. Not being able to sleep and only getting like 3 hrs of sleep was really starting to suck and bring down my days. Sleep is so important to every aspect of our lives. Something I have learned in hard lessons heh.

I got the train tickets and the rent-a-car finally taken care for next weekend's Fla trip. I always wait till the last minute to do things it seems heh. At least it is done and 1 less thing I have to worry about. Now if i could finally get myself to take my car in for a oil change.

jujubeez725 06-15-2007 11:18 AM

Re: Friday

Hey babygirl! You keep trying to be as positive as possible!
You've got lovely rewards... just look at your family.
I know it can be challenging, but keep on with it... look forward, dear heart.
I know you can do this!

Hey there K.os!

I don't know where I've been, but how did I miss your trip to FL???
Well, I hope you have great time there... you've earned it!

I got to do that oil change-thing, too... doesn't take but a few minutes and well-worth it.

Where's the rest of the gang?????

Sannah 06-15-2007 01:17 PM

Re: Friday
[QUOTE=justlilme;3046334]Thanks you guys for your support in the "thursday" thread, especially to Sannah, my official mommy figure here. :)

How sweet, Lilme, I forgot that you mentioned that I was a motherly figure to you (because of what was going on in that thread!). How sweet! So you are graduating? What is your degree in?

even_sly 06-15-2007 01:21 PM

Re: Friday
Hey peeps! :wave:

K.os ~ Cool that you're sleeping better. I know what you mean... Sleeping is the key to doing O.K. At least for me. You hang in there, k? :) Oh, and... You're getting all the rain we had last week... Fun, eh? :rolleyes:

juju ~ You're so cool! Just wanted to say that... I mean it too! :cool:

justlilme ~ You hang in there too, k? :)

WELL... I'm off today... My son (G) and I just got back from the sports cards store and Sports Authority. He was crying in the car... Said he felt disoriented or something... :-/ He gets car sick sometimes... :(

The hubby bought ribs for dinner... That's all we're doing today, in other words... EATING. Hehe. ;) Tomorrow is the dance team's car wash fundraiser, so I'll be there all morning. G has baseball practice. Other than that it's the last weekend for a while where we're not too busy. I WILL be enjoying it. :) And I'll be around here too... Of course!! I like it around here...

HUGS ~ Sly

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