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sfish2257 04-08-2008 08:04 PM

I'm scared of antidepressants
OK. I know I need to go one antidepressants. I'm scared of them though. I just have this image that they will make me crazy, like taking LSD. I've heard such horror stories from people who say they make them feel anxious or out of control. Then there are the stories of people who commit suiside or hurt their family. I know I need to take one but I'm so scared!

My doc wants me to take Paxil because it comes in a liqiud and I can just take 1 drop and slowly increase so I won't get side effects, the only problem is it will probably take months to get to a medical dose. But then I heard horrible stories about people not being ale to get of Paxil cause of the withdrawl. My doc is suspicios I might be bi polar but thinks my anxiety and depression are too bad and need to be treated first. Then I can add a mood stabilizer if I need to. She knows how freaked out I am about meds so she knows me starting out on two is too much for me.

I just found out I'm anemic so I'm on iron too which upset my stomach so I'm not crazy about adding more to that problem.

Please let me know how you guys have done on meds and if its really that scary to take. I'm so bad I can barely take an ativan when I'm having a full blown panic attack. Do yu guys think Paxil is good to start out?

sarah408 04-08-2008 08:13 PM

Re: I'm scared of antidepressants
HIya sfish2257,

I was really adamant I was never going on antidepressants or take the drug route to help with my depression, however last year during a severe episode I went to the doctor and finally asked to try them out.

I too was really scared of antidepressants or drugs of any kind... didn't want to do it but it has helped me enormously. I used to read alot of things written about antidepressants and found alot of things I read to be worrisome and very negative... I didn't want that to influence my decision etc.
I did go thru a period of side effects and am now very happy with my decision.
Antidepressants have helped me immensely. I don't take Paxil so cannot comment on that and I don't worry about "withdrawal" as my doc and I made the decision that I would be on the drugs for quite a long time.

I'm no expert but if you trust your doc- perhaps give it a shot- if it isn't working for you (and your doctor should monitor you quite closely for awhile) then you can try another or go another route.

I read alot of horror stories but it hasn't been my experience.

Cheers! Sarah

tUrRrRa 04-08-2008 10:20 PM

Re: I'm scared of antidepressants
Oh no no when I took antidepressants it was very UN-scary! They actually made me TOO relaxed and made me sleepy! I took Cymbalta. I ended up going off of them later because it wasn't really helping me. They didn't make me feel crazy at all and made me very relaxed.

trg247 04-09-2008 12:43 AM

Re: I'm scared of antidepressants
There is a gambling element when it comes to mental meds and there are a million different stories out there both on the pros and the cons.

When I go on a med I compare the two sides: A) The potential side effects (B) The symptoms the meds can help. Right now my main one is Seroquel which is being sued for causing blood disorder diseases such as diabetes but it also prevents my brain from racing, cuts down on the flashbacks/nightmares and is a big reason for my self harm recovery so to me the pros out weigh the cons.

The meds are a big reason why I am still able to fight and work on my issues for without it I would either never leave my bed or I would be hospitalized. To me the potential damage depression can cause is a bigger risk then what comes from the meds. Yep Paxil and Effexor are addictive and a royal pain to come off of which even the drug manufactures admit but they are also in the top five when it comes to sales for they help a lot of people.

take care

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