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janart 10-10-2008 07:22 PM

tiredness with lexapro now to cymbalta??
Hey Guys this a question for anyone who has taken Lexapro and had tiredness with it and stopped it for something else like cymbalta. My sister is not doing well anymore with Lexapro/Abilify combo. The lexapro just makes her sooo tired. It did the same thing to me when I took it. We want to change to cymbalta which is totally different type so I am really stressing about changing her. When we did this in the past it was a nightmare. So my question is did anyone have tiredness with lexapro and then tried cymbalta and how did you do with it. We have started dropping her dosage of Lexapro and she was weepy ntonight missing our Mom. We are not changing the abilify. (Just to remind yall I have guardianship of her since our Mom passed away. She is 30yo with mild retardation and depression) Thanks everyone!

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