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Type 2 Pre-diabetic and so confused

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Old 04-25-2018, 10:33 AM   #1
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Taxiracer88 HB User
Question Pre-diabetic and so confused

A month ago I was told I was pre-diabetic...or borderline is what they said. The doctor prescribed an Accu-Check unit. I was told to take a BT 4 times a day. Though I forgot a couple of times a day...I did the before breakfast and before/after supper and bedtime. I do not always eat lunch. While I was doing this I was also trying to quit I was using hard candy to keep from smoking. Did not eat any different than I normally ate. The highest I got was 278 one hour after supper. Almost every morning I start out with about an average of 108. After having oatmeal with whole milk and dark chocolate chips and coffee with milk and 3 tsp of sugar and waiting an hour the highest was 226...with a fast of 112....and some extra sugar went into my coffee accidentally.

Last night before bedtime I had a 114 reading. This morning after 8 hours of sleep and not eating anything for 12 hours the reading was 118. How can it be MORE after Not eating than it was after 3 hours of eating? And I am totally confused about the AC1...what is it and how do I know what it is? I printed out the table from Healthboards, but no idea what I am looking at.

The doctor I have now tells me I should have blood test below 100, but the doctor I had before said normal was 98-108, and I was a 94. I have a friend and her diabetes doctor said 120 was the high end of normal. So confusing! Where can I get more GOOD information about this?

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Re: Pre-diabetic and so confused

The most important times to test blood sugar are first thing in the morning, after fasting all night. Blood sugar then should be less than 100. The next important reading is at two hours after the start of a meal. Blood sugar then should be less than 120.

Blood sugar readings of over 200, at any time, are at very, very unhealthy levels. When your body is not handling insulin and blood sugar correctly, all kinds of nasty things are happening in one's body.

If I was getting readings like you are getting, I would start a very healthy, low carbohydrate, balanced diet and severely limit sugar. Oatmeal, dark chocolate chips, and coffee with 3 tsp of sugar are examples of high carbohydrate, high sugar foods. They are like poison to a diabetic person!

Changing one's diet and dietary habits are not easy to do, but sometimes are necessary to maintain good health and avoid nasty diabetic health problems.

Best of luck and health! Bob
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Taxiracer88 HB User
Re: Pre-diabetic and so confused

Thank you Bob...Yesterday was a good day...started out with 116 and ended with 134...the lowest I have had after eating a meal I KNOW was high in Carbs. But also yesterday I was very active. One reading was only 94. Before Jan I worked every day as a taxi driver. Though it is a pretty sedentary job, I was in and out of the taxi and helped people with groceries and days I do very little. Walking is almost out of the question as I have a bad ankle from injuries. If I go to more than 2 stores shopping in one day, I am in pain for another 2 days. Now that I have Medicaid I intend to see an orthopedic doctor and see what can be done. I used to walk a LOT before I injured that ankle. Love to take walks...just can't. No neuropathy...but ever so often whatever is loose in that ankle will go back in place...I can sometimes feel it, and I can walk without pain at all....for about a day. Anyway..LOL...thank you for all the information. I will start doing what you said to do. The doctor said 4 times a day, but the little diary he gave me...looked like I had to do it 7 times. What you said makes more sense. Guess the doctor thought I should know how to do the tests, but I didn't have a clue. Guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! LOL Because I am sure learning and learning fast...LOL THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! Have a Wonderful Day!

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Machaon (04-26-2018)
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Re: Pre-diabetic and so confused

Originally Posted by Taxiracer88 View Post
And I am totally confused about the AC1...what is it and how do I know what it is? I printed out the table from Healthboards, but no idea what I am looking at.
The A1c is the "gold standard" test for blood sugar control over time. It gives an "average" of one's blood sugar levels over about a 3-month period, with the greatest "weight" being upon the 6-week period before the test.

I'm not sure of the exact table you are referring to, but I'm taking a guess that it is a table which gives values of A1c and the equivalent blood glucose levels. It's generally accepted that A1c levels below 6.5 indicate "good" control, and those below 4 are "non-diabetic". So, pre-diabetic levels are those in high 4s or 5s. A person with fully-developed diabetes who can maintain A1c levels in the 5s is doing a fabulous job of managing diet, exercise, and medication.

It's hard to find sources which agree about glucometer readings, and what is "good" control.

Many finger-stick glucometers have an averaging function. In my own personal observation, my glucometer average and my A1c correlate quite well. I almost never check my glucose except that morning fasting reading.
Over years of observation, I can see that many daily glucometer readings only serve to my fingers sore, if my diet, exercise, and medication is stable.

Control of diet, exercise, and medication are "where it's at", along with periodic A1c measurements. Some docs don't want to write for it except on 3-month intervals. However, there are some inexpensive finger-stick meters and mail-in services available without a script. Personally, I use a 6-week or 2 month interval. I trust the A1c a lot more than a bunch of glucometer readings.

@Machaon has given you very good advice and information.

The liver produces glucose, and overnight, it keeps the body regulated while the body is not receiving food intake. It's not unusual for the morning fasting blood sugar level to be elevated above the over-the-day average level, so yes, your sugar can be higher after not eating than eating.

If you want more in-depth info, try Google on "dawn phenomenon". Most of us observe this.

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Old 09-27-2018, 10:04 AM   #5
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Taxiracer88 HB User
Re: Pre-diabetic and so confused

Thank you for all the information. My Meter does not show the A1C level. I am using the chart I was given. My fasting levels are staying between 96 and 112. I have cut out sugar in my coffee, and very little desserts. I rarely eat lunch, and have a big meal at night with my Tom. I have been doing only fasting and after dinner tests. No tests during the day. As far as exercise...I have a bad ankle that keeps me from walking a lot. I would love to be able to walk as I used to do that years ago. But between my ankle and lower back...the pain is just too much to go to far. Also have COPD, so going out in the heat to walk is not possible.

I have flowers right now waiting to be repotted until the temps get a little lower. 90 is just too much to endure. Have always been active up until the past year. Have been taking 1 tablet of 500mg of Metformin after dinner at night. Since taking it, I have had leg cramps..but only when I am trying to sleep. Sitting up or walking I do not have the cramps..only at night after taking the Metformin. I will be talking to the doctor about that at my next visit. Sorry this is so long..just trying to learn all I can. I appreciate any help I can get about this. It is hard for me to cut down on carbs when I cook dinner as I am not a cook, and have a limited list of foods I can cook. LOL Trying to learn more. I made a SugarFree cake with sugarfree icing the other day. The first bite was not good...left a bad after taste, but I still ate it and the taste eventually went away. Gave me hope. I have cut out candy bars, and though when I see them at the checkout, I do not crave them as I did before. I can say NO!

I have checked out recipes for low carb meals, but funds are limited in my budget, and my Tom works, so he NEEDS some carbs to keep up his energy. I limit my intake, but can not afford to buy a lot of the ingredients for these low carb meals. Any idea where I might find recipes that uses basic ingredient? Again...thank you so much for your reply and information.

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