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jana65 03-01-2019 05:34 AM

to help control A1C
My A1C level has been in the " high" range in the last 6 months...6.1 and my doctor wants me to get it under control.
My question is this: I know sugar and carbs are the culprits and I've heard that exercise helps keep A1C down. But what about cinnamon or ACV ??? Are there any DIY remedies that help control blood sugar levels ???

JohnR41 03-01-2019 09:37 AM

Re: to help control A1C
4.5 to 6 is the normal range so you're only a small fraction above normal.

When it comes to cinnamon it's difficult to say because everyone is different. I use a light sprinkling of cinnamon on fruit in the morning but I have no idea whether it's doing anything.

I don't use vinegar because I've always been able to keep my blood sugar well under control by eating a healthy diet and exercising. On my last blood test my blood sugar level was 90 which is a little higher than usual. It's usually about 86.

I think the best way to maintain a good blood sugar level is by eating a good diet, and once you get use to it, it's easy. In my opinion, there's no silver bullet that's going to work magic. Nothing takes the place of a clean healthy diet. That means eliminating most processed foods and eating natural whole foods. And it's very important to eat a high-fiber diet where the fiber comes from natural whole foods, like fresh fruit, non-starchy vegetables, and limited amounts of whole grain, etc.

The fiber, from the above foods (not supplements) should provide at least 25 grams per day. Most people only get 10 to 12 grams per day. Fiber will help control your blood sugar, and animal protein does not contain fiber. So, if you fill up on animal protein at each meal, you likely will never reach your needed 25 grams per day. (Note: Lots of fiber is also needed to maintain a healthy community of microorganisms in your lower digestive tract.)

jana65 03-01-2019 09:51 AM

Re: to help control A1C
Yes, I try to eat healthy and as much unrefined, whole grain foods as I can...I'm just wondering if cinnamon really can alter blood sugar levels.

JohnR41 03-04-2019 12:58 PM

Re: to help control A1C
[QUOTE=jana65;5492641]Yes, I try to eat healthy and as much unrefined, whole grain foods as I can...I'm just wondering if cinnamon really can alter blood sugar levels.[/QUOTE]


Why don't you try using some cinnamon and see if it helps? I looked for some information on cinnamon and was surprised at what I found. The claim is that it will reduce blood sugar by up to 29% by taking about 1 teaspoon per day. It sounds too good to be true. It is said to also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

I think this will vary from one person to another depending on how high your blood sugar is. If a person starts from a very high blood sugar level, it might show a 29% reduction. And if a person starts with a normal blood sugar level, the percentage might be much less, otherwise the person might suffer from low blood sugar as a result. That's just my opinion. You would have to try it to see what it does for you.

You will never know exactly what effect it has unless you only make that one change. If you change your diet and exercise and then take cinnamon too, you won't be able to tell if it's the cinnamon that's helping or the diet and exercise. It would take a lot of patience to do just that one thing and then wait for your next blood test. It's up to you.

There was one warning: High levels of cinnamon may be toxic, especially for those who have liver issues. So if you notice any unusual symptoms, it might be a good idea to lower the amount or stop altogether.

MSNik 03-04-2019 04:02 PM

Re: to help control A1C
Please talk to your doctor before starting any cinnamon regimen. First of all, too much can cause liver problems and if you are not taking quality cinnamon, you are not getting any effects. The stuff you buy at the supermarket is not going to do it for you...a health food store can direct you to better quality; but again, this can both interact with allot of medications and cause liver issues long term.

I think getting your diet worked out and adding in more exercise is a better idea but speak to your doctor. They may have more updated information.

My husband is in the exact same boat as you- his A1C is just barely high...but he has a whole history of family with diabetes and is concerned. We did alot of research and eventually decided the risks werent worth the possible benefits and he is now watching his diet and exercising daily...

I dont know if this helps, but I wanted to point out that although it sounds easy, cinnamon is not without its risks.

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