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roy g 08-10-2019 09:47 AM

WHAT CAN I EAT besides water
I'm 78 years old
1. I have type II diabetes
2. I have gastroparesis ( mild slow movement )
3. I am constantly constipated (very slow motility )
only a strong laxative will work. No natural urges.
4. Body constantly itches, sometimes hives.
5. Had a stroke 2 years ago which effects my balance.
Stroke may have effected my Vagus nerve.
One diet says eat fiber, gastroparesis says avoid fiber, another says no sugar, no carbs, no histamines, no raw vegetables, no raw fruit.

I am taking HCL& pepsin, enzymes, probiotic suppliments
All this doesn't leave much to choose from, any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Titchou 08-11-2019 08:32 AM

Re: WHAT CAN I EAT besides water
Ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist to help design a plan customized for you since you are confused as to what you should be eating.

yayagirl 08-12-2019 06:44 AM

Re: WHAT CAN I EAT besides water
Dear roy,

Avoid sugar! Steam your own vegetables and fruit.
There is plenty of food in the normal Diabetes diet. You can find that by doing an internet search or ask your doctor for a copy of an appropriate diet. Avoiding sugar is hard to do at first because the very taste is addictive. but once you are off sugar for a few weeks it becomes easier to enjoy the real taste of food and you will feel MUCH better. The aches, hives, itching and constipation all will go away.

Do not eat canned, pre-prepared or processed foods because sugar and/or white refined flour have been added to all those foods to make them 'taste good'. But they are very BAD for anyone and deadly for anyone with diabetes. Sugar is very addictive, so you might crave it for awhile, but IF you avoid sugar and desserts the craving [U]will[/U] go away.

Avoid white foods like sugar, white potatoes, all white flour products and pastries, & desserts made with sugar or white flour. Spices and herbs can make the food interesting and tasty.

Eat fresh or frozen dark colored vegetables, chicken, turkey, or any fresh or frozen lean meat. Eat dark colored steamed vegetables.

If you just 'need' dessert, only eat one fresh dark colored fruit. In just a few weeks your body can adjust to not having all that sugar and will relax and feel so much better. Watch out, because sugar is in all of the 'fast food'. They should not be allowed to call that stuff food. It really is poison to diabetics and can cause diabetes.

The idea here is kill yourself with carbs and sugars or feed yourself healthy food. You alone can decide what to do for your self.

Machaon 08-12-2019 07:30 AM

Re: WHAT CAN I EAT besides water
Hi roy!

I am 75 years old. Used to have Insulin Resistance and Diabetes 2. I no longer have problems with my blood sugar and I have never taken any medications for Diabetes or Insulin Resistance. I'm cured totally through my diet but it took years of healthy diet for me to recover slowly from Diabetes 2 and Insulin Resistance.

Day after day after day, I eat six small meals throughout the day totaling around 1700 calories or around 270 calories per meal.

My first two meals are a mashed egg with butter and a half of a protein bar.
My next four meals are a large romaine, mushroom, carrot, tomato, cheese, broccoli salad with homemade honey mustard salad dressing and a protein bar.

What makes it special for me and delicious is the homemade honey mustard salad dressing, which is soooooo good! :)

It's easy for me because I am retired and can spend my days preparing for my next meal! :D

Regards, and best of health! Bob

roy g 08-12-2019 09:41 AM

Re: WHAT CAN I EAT besides water
[QUOTE=Titchou;5496442]Ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist to help design a plan customized for you since you are confused as to what you should be eating.[/QUOTE]

That's exactly what I was about to do. I have been to two gastroenterologists and all they want to do is just do colonoscopies without listening to my whole story and getting to the root of the problem.

roy g 08-12-2019 09:54 AM

Re: WHAT CAN I EAT besides water

I understand the Diabetes diet, but the problem lies with the gastroparesis diet which says absolutely no fiber, and only soft and easily digested foods.
They actually recommend mashed potatoes, rice and pasta,and breads.
Then I have the constipation diet to deal with.
Then I have the hives, antihistamine diet to deal with.
All this leads to utter confusion as to what I can eat, I'm hoping I can find a nutrishionist who can understand all the problems

MSNik 08-12-2019 12:25 PM

Re: WHAT CAN I EAT besides water
Your GI doctor who has diagnosed you with Gastroparesis can give you the best diet to work with all of your other ailments. Your endocrinologist who you should be seeing for your diabetes can also assist. Both offices should have a dietitian on staff to assist you with this.

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