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Breezin 05-19-2020 01:37 PM

I have a doctors appointment in a week to go over a blood test I had done, but I already have seen the results myself. The report says Fasting: N, which I take to mean that it was a not a fasting test, but it actually was. The last meal I had was over 12 hours before I had my blood drawn.

My last physical showed a blood glucose of 99mg, which the doctor had circled as being something I should lower. I have really watched my diet since then and I exercise 5 days a week, both cardiovascular and weightlifting. I at least appear to be very fit. But my glucose level this time was 120 mg, so that has me really worried. All my other blood numbers, cholesterol, tryglycerides and such appear to be excellent.

If eating properly and exercise are the two main ways to prevent diabetes, I just don't know what else I can do. One thing I saw is that stress can elevate blood sugar. But can it spike it? I left my house the morning of the blood test and I had forgotten something at my house that I had to turn around and retrieve. This made me stressed about making the appointment on time on top of the fact that doctor office visits don't generally calm me anyway. Could this have caused a higher than normal blood glucose level for that morning?

Machaon 08-17-2020 06:16 PM

Re: Pre-diabetes
[QUOTE=Breezin;5503406]If eating properly and exercise are the two main ways to prevent diabetes, I just don't know what else I can do.[/QUOTE]

I saw your 3 month old, unanswered post, and figured I'd respond. :)

Back 20+ years I suffered from Diabetes 2 and also Insulin Resistance (both of which go hand in hand). My Insulin Resistance was so bad that I had to severely limit carbs, especially those with a high glycemic index.

I couldn't eat fruits, or tomatoes, or potatoes, rice or pasta; and I had to eat very small, low calorie, low carb meals.

As my Insulin Resistance and Diabetes 2 and pancreas slowly improved over the years, I was able to increase the amount, quality and tastefulness of the carbs in my diet.

That said, my point is: My diet was dictated by my blood sugar readings and the severity of my symptoms. So, it just begs the question of, "What does eating properly mean" when it comes to Insulin Resistance and Diabetes 2?

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