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  • I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

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    Old 12-09-2005, 06:27 AM   #16
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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    I don't think I have ever had control of this to lose it. LOL I have yet to find one plan that works. I wake up every morning and my BS is around 185. I have tried every combination of snacks before bed and nothing works. My doc says the only way I will be able to control my morning numbers is to go on the pump. I can get it down to 140 pretty quickly by taking my drugs and eating around 8 carbs. I feel like I should have and would like to have lower numbers but I think it is impossible. Sometimes I think switching doctors might give me different results. Kat

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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    Getting a Second Opinion might be worth a try. After all Doctors are only human and not all of them are the same.

    the Key to keeping control is to try and eat the Same Every day. It doesn mean the Exact same Foods, but the same amount of Protein, Fat, and Carbs. Protein and Fat can actually raise your blood just happens very slow and generally does not raise it very much. If you can Strictly stick to the same amount( and at the same times Every day) you Should be able to find out what the Right combination is for you.

    Try this for a week...... and you should be able to figure this out. Also it would be good to keep a journal. record everything you eat, what activity you had, how much insulin and meds youve taken, and how you have felt at certain times of the day..(Stressed, happy, sad). once you have done this for a while you may be able identify any trends that you have. and may be able to figure out what it is that triggers your high sugars.

    You may also want to talk to your doctor about adding Humalog to your Insulin regime....taking a shot before each meal. this type of regime really allows for pretty tight control.

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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    Thank you for your thoughts on this. I did try Novolog once but didn't see much difference with my numbers. Is Humalog the same as Novolog? Kat

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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    I don't know the exact mechanism but I know that if my blood sugar is over a certain point, exercise will bring my sugars up. It is possible that sugar is released for the exercise.

    Dxd T1 1966, 2001 dialysis, 2002 kidney transplant, 2003 insulin pump, 2008 pancreas transplant

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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    Reading a book intitled Lose the weight you hate by Ritchie C Shoemaker. quite an interesting book. Maybe it would help? i'm trying what he suggests..

    Old 12-10-2005, 05:58 PM   #21
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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    A few things come to mind about your situation. First of all, Type 2's have one of two things going on. They either don't produce enough insulin or they can't use the insulin they make. In either case, sometimes insulin injections are in order. Synthetic insulin works in a different way that natural insulin so that often times brings blood sugars back to normal. Secondly, we all have different metabolic rates. Your body craves carbs because you use carbs for energy. Either that or you are addicted to simple carbs without realizing it. Are you a very controlled eater or do you tend to graze?

    You can also obsess about blood sugars to the point that the stress drives them higher. Are you seeing and Endo or a GP? You really need to be seeing and Endocrinologist who will run the tests to find out what is going on. Believe me, there is ALWAYS an answer. Your liver might be functioning abnormally and storing too much sugar. There are so many things that can be going on. You also need to see a Registered Dietician to figure out your carb count. Self adjustment rarely works.

    Novolog and Humalog are different but act the same way. You should have noticed a difference with the Novolog. I would get in with an Endo and discuss all of this. Good luck
    Mindy (Type 1 Dx'd 11/94..Insulin Pump)

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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    Originally Posted by fishdude
    Misty800, That diet is extremely strict!!! That oatmeal mixture you mention for breakfast; is that 1/4 c. dry or 1/4 cooked? Do you mix it yourself and if so, how much of each? If you buy a premix, what is the name? Where do you get it? How do you keep oatmeal of any kind from sending your BG soaring? I try to eat a serving of oat bran mixed with peanut butter for breakfast, and 2 hours later, my numbers are above 220. I can't seem to eat anything but protein for breakfast. I have been eating eggs with bacon or eggs with sausage.
    I mix the oatmeal mixture myself.

    1 large box Quacker Old Fashion Oatmeal
    1 box Oat Bran (1 lb., I think)
    1 box or bag Wheat Bran (1lb., I think)
    1 box Soy Granules (from health food store) (1 or 2 lbs, I think)

    Note: amount of each can vary

    Mix the above and store in containers. To use measure out 1/4 cup (level) DRY mixture and cook in 1/2 to 2/3 cup water, in microwave until mixture rolls over but not out of bowl. Let set to thicken. Add more water or a little low fat milk if desired. I now add 2 tablespoon wheat germ and 2 tablespoon ground flaxseed, and 1/2 cup Carb Contol (3 g.) yogurt.

    The HIGH FIBER (soluible and nonsoluible fiber) apparently keeps my BS down and even lower than the fasting BS 2 hrs. after eating breakfast. REMEMBER, everyone is different, this may work for you and it may not. I can only eat the oatmeal mixture for breakfast. If I eat it for lunch or dinner my BS is too high. This mixture lowers my BS after breakfast, not sure why, but I can't fault it as long as it works for me.

    Yes, the diet is strict, but, it brought my A1C down from 7 to 5.1. After I added other foods in the past year my A1C has creeped up to 6.1. I now am going back on the strict diet in order to regain strict control of diabetes.

    I agree, not many people will sacrifice their desires in order to stick with a strict diet like the above. I chose to not risk side effects of meds or diabetes complications. I have always had to diet (1,000-1,200 calories) due to being overweight, so, creating a diet for my diabetes was not a problem for me. Yes, I would love potatoes, rich desserts, pasta, etc. I once consumed, but, I can do without it now in hopes of keeping all my toes, etc. I went to two different dieticians at the hospital for weight control several years ago (before diabetes) and they finally threw up their hands and said they could not help me. I gained 30 lbs in 3 months on their diet, counting every calorie in foods plus any lick of a spoon (they were trying to rev up my metabolism). An internist many years ago told me my body did not waste a particle of food value, therefore, I need to eat less than the average person. Hmmm....great, I have a normal appetite! Weight loss is much harder for me.

    Yesterday, I went to a luncheon and then a dinner party. All food was really a no-no for me. I ate a slice of ham, a little bit of several dishes at both parties (plate was full but not heaped). I was shocked at bedtime, BS=100. Servings were about 2 measuring tablespoons of each food (no I did not carry a measuring spoon, guessed at amount). I even had a small piece of non-frosted cake at each party. Have no clue how I rated such good BS, but, I am not complaining, I will take it and run with it!! I expected to be forced to walk down a too high BS, what a pleasant surprise.

    I had to give up bacon and sausage with eggs for breakfast. The fat was too much and increased the insulin resistance. You might be interested in how I prepare eggs (a frequent dinner meal). Since my husband must watch his cholesterol very close, I scramble eggwhites with chopped onion, green bell pepper, and chopped pimento in a non-stick skillet using Pam vegetable spray. Add fat-free cheese if desired.

    Another thing I prepare often in cold weather is Vegetable Soup made using Stir-Fry Vegetables, stewed tomatoes, onion, beef chunks, canned kidney beans, leftovers from frig plus water. This makes a filling but low calorie, low carb meal. Sometimes I will have 5 crackers with it.

    In the past 5 years I have consumed salads and salads. Think I am on my 2nd train car load of Romaine lettuce!! Filling up on salad helps reduce amount of carbs consumed at a meal. Many meals were salad plus 3 oz grilled chicken. Protein keeps me from getting hungry before the next meal.

    One reason the oat bran plus peanutbutter does not work for you may be the high sugar and fat content of the peanutbutter. Oat bran plus 3 oz. grilled chicken or other low fat meat might work for you better.

    On the strict diet my triglycrides and LDL dropped, the HDL increased.

    If you give the oatmeal mixture a try, let me know how it does for you.


    Old 12-11-2005, 04:27 PM   #23
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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?

    This dietary juggling seems complicated...right? If you eat about the same thing and know the weight or volume of this intake (and of course you medicine doesn't change..) , couldn't you just lower the volume of this particular food(intake) a little and see if your BGs don't go down a little? Seems like you could get control this way.

    I noticed certain food seems to make my BGS go up too much, and I can't control my BGs no matter how small amount of this food I eat....then I eliminate them? Maybe I'm sensitive to that food, right? Specifically, I'm sensitive to peanut butter, milk, tomatoes, apples, and Pizza(tomatoes)...can't eat this stuff at ALL! I even look in the contents for these ingredients. I also get terrible headaches and really high!! BG-spikes at 1/2 hour after I eat them. If I eat them in any volume, my bg's stay high for 2-3 hours.

    Once I eliminated these foods, I felt much better, and my A1c's came down too.
    (My mother had this same problem, and she is using Insulin, and seems to be getting much better control since she found her trigger foods.)

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    Re: I give up/What to eat?/What does it matter?


    You don't have to change your primary care physician, but you ought to try an endocrinologist, preferably one that specializes in diabetes.

    Some hospitals, especially those in major cities have departments dedicated to diabetes.

    One of the MANY problems with diabetes is that its not so much a disease, as several diseases. Unfortunately, what works for me, might not work for you ("your mileage may vary"). There are many different "diabetic" diets that go from high carb to very low carb. I try to watch my carbs, but I'd call my lifestyle (I hate the word diet, seems like a temporary fix to a permanent problem), middle-of-the-road carbs. I try to follow the glycemic index as much as possible. Possible a higher carb diet would work for you.

    As far as exercise is concerned, you can end up with higher blood glucose (BG) after exercising depending on what and when you last ate, how long and vigorously you exercise, any stress (good or bad) associated with the exercise, and also loss of water (due to perspiration) during exercise. I bike to work (30-40 minutes) and struggle with my BG levels afterwards. I have to make sure I drink plenty of fluids before I test.

    I hope these ramblings help. Good luck.

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