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stockwiz 08-12-2003 03:49 PM

watch your intake of hydrogenated oils!
It's likely that type 2 (INSULIN RESISTANT TYPE) diabetes is not caused by excess consumption of sugar or normal saturated fats, but by hydrogenated oils (trans fatty acids) and growing evidence suggests this. If you have type 2 diabetes and are reading this I would like to know if you personally have been eating lots of processed frozen foods or consumed lots of margarine or other foods contining hydrogenated oils throughout your life. Please post and let me know.

The first thing to understand about fats is that essential fatty acids are truly essential. They are the "active ingredient" in every bodily process you can name:

brain cell function and nervous system activity
hormones and intra-cellular messengers
glandular function and immune system operation
hemoglobin oxygen-transport system
cell wall function:
passing oxygen into the cell
passing nutrients into the cell
keeping foreign bodies out of the cell
digestive-tract operation
assimilating nutrients
blocking out allergens
In short, the essential fatty acids (contained mostly in polyunsaturated oils) are the most important nutrients there are -- more important than vitamins, minerals, or even proteins. Because, without them, there is no life. They are the substance and foundation of life energy.

What is Hydrogenation?
Hydrogenation is the process of heating an oil and passing hyrdrogen bubbles through it. The fatty acids in the oil then acquire some of the hydrogen, which makes it more dense. If you fully hydrogenate, you create a solid (a fat) out of the oil. But if you stop part way, you a semi-solid partially hydrogenated oil that has a consistency like butter, only its a lot cheaper.

The problem with trans fats is that while the "business end" (the chemically active part) is messed up, the "anchor end" (the part that is attached to the cell wall) is unchanged. So they take up their position in the cell wall, like a guard on the fortress wall. But like a bad guard, they don't do their job!

[b]They let foreign invaders pass unchallenged, and they stop supplies at the gates instead of letting them in. Specifically, they make your cells resistant to insulin. To compensate, your body pumps huge amounts of insulin into your body to try and take care of the sugar levels.. type 2 diabetes.. which did not exist before the creation and widespread use of hydrogenated oils.[/b]

Yes, your body will take the trans fats you eat and integrate them into your body's cells. They can be very hard to get rid of without dieting once they are there.
In short, trans fats are poisons. They interfere with the metabolic processes of life by taking the place of a natural substance that performs a critical function. And that is the definition of a poison. Your body has no defense against them, because they never even existed in our two billion years of evolution -- so we've never had the need or the opportunity to evolve a defense against them.

[b]It's not your butter and meat that is causing you problems, it's hydrogenated oil, and it's very hard to avoid.. so if you want to potentialy REVERSE your type 2 diabetes, immediately diet to try and cleanse your body of these defective cells, and don't consume these oils! Make it a point to go shopping and read labels, and not choose products that are "partially hydrogenated." If you need some cookies, make sure they have pure butter in them or make your own cookies with real butter. Products which contain "liquid oils" such as Doritos which recently switched from hydrogenated oils and are promoting no trans fat potato chips, are also acceptable.

Supplementing with essential fatty acids in the form or flaxseed or fish oils is also helpful, as is adding plenty of fish, such as salmon, to the diet, to help restore cell function. (Although saturated fat won't hurt you, at this point, if you have type 2 diabetes, it's not going to help you much either, and will prevent absorbion of essential fatty acids.) [/b]

Many european countries have banned these oils already, and you know how the United States is regarding the health of it's people $$$$ , so enough said.

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