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How low is to low?

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Old 06-02-2006, 08:14 PM   #1
Join Date: Jun 2006
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enchantedfrog HB User
How low is to low?

Can anyone tell me how low is to low for your blood sugar? And what are some symptoms of it being low? I have always tried to keep a close eye on my sugar level as my mother's sugar ran high for years and my father's runs low. I can't ask mom as she passed away in March.

Anyway, at times I get so sick I am sure I am going to throw up (never do) and I get what feels like a gas bubble that feels like its under my ribs. If I eat something I get to feeling better. I bought a testing kit the other day and my sugar was 45. Tonight I was feeling sick and when I checked it was 69. I am starting to feel better but had to eat yogurt and drink a couple glasses of OJ.
Now its up to 90.

With my family history I try to follow a diabetic diet, but as starting to think I am limiting things that I shouldn't. I am a pretty active person so I try to eat about 6 small meals though out the day.

Any thoughts would be helpful

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Old 06-03-2006, 12:01 PM   #2
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fishdude HB User
Re: How low is to low?

To me, the numbers you mentioned are low. I will start to feel extremely weak, shaky and irritable when I get below 90. It's possible you are limiting your carbs more than a non-diabetic should. If you are not diabetic, just eat a good, healthy balanced diet and remain active.

Old 06-04-2006, 02:23 PM   #3
Senior Member
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rickst29 HB User
Angry Re: How low is to low? and, ATKINS SUCKS!

45 is DEFINITELY to low (for ANYBODY).

Some people feel OK at 70, but *YOU* don't, so this figure is also too low (for you). My thinking and skills (e.g. driving) are compromised at 70, so it's too low for me too.

Not sure if your "diabetic diet" means radical low carb, like "Atkins", or just a 40:30:30 mix. Generally speaking, more small meals is a good thing. (For your diabetes, but you'll have to take more care of your teeth and gums).

Do consider the possibility that you're simply not getting enough calories on your "healthy" diet: for an active person, the volume of "healthy" food you need to eat can be surprisingly large when you switch.

If you ARE doing "low carb" please read on:

Since Low-Carb "Atkins Diet" makes you feel lousy, listen to your body and switch to something more normal.

Dr. Atkins died at an awfully young age (just 72). His family prevented a full autopsy from being performed, but the Medical Examiner's office did 'leak' their report (which was based on external examination and inspecting his hospital records).

The Wall Street Journal published excerpts from the report on 2/10/04. Dr. Atkins, following his own diet, was clinically obese and suffered from Congestive heart failure (death of heart tissue due to blocked arteries). Later that day, Atkins' widow conceded that he "did have some progression of his coronary artery disease in the last three years of his life, including some new blockage of a secondary artery."

Heart disease wasn't the CAUSE of his death (he fell on the ice and hit his head). But 'congestive heart failure' means your heart is enlarged, with lots of DEAD heart muscle tissue. It usually implies damage all over your circulatory system. It's suspected as the cause of Congestive Failure death in dieters as young as age 16. And it is generally a fatal diagnosis: The only way to avoid death from heart disease when your heart is DEAD AND DYING ALREADY is to (a) die of something else first; or (b) make a RADICAL change, like Atkins' lifelong opponent Dr. Pritikin did. Atkins "enjoyed" alternative (a).

The fact that his CAD was progressing badly, even after 30 years on his own "healthy" diet, speaks volumes (I think). The diet is also linked to many cases of Kidney damage (which makes sense, because the digestive by-products of consuming only protein and fat are dangerous-- you're living your entire life on the edge of Ketoacidosis).

If you want to accept the MARKETING claim that "well, we were invented to eat only dead animals, like cave men did", then I think you need to accept a corollary: Cave men lived for an average of barely 30 years. But the whole claim as a sham... they were hunter-GATHERERS, and the "GATHERING" played a big role during a large portion of the year.

My impression is: The only people who promote Atkins are (category #1) people in a position to make BIG MONEY off it; and (category #2) people suckered into it by those in category #1.

It is extremely helpful to avoid foods with high "glycemic index", they are stress on your body's ability to control bG. But good, slow carbs (e.g. beans), in roughly a 40:30:30 mix with protein and fat, is clinically proven to be better. Like Snake Oil salesmen, "Atkins" promoters are full of PERSONAL stories, but the vast majority of competent long term studies show that high fat (especially animal fat) is a VERY BAD thing.

Obviously a 30:40:30 mix isn't too far off the 'standard' recommendation, you can downplay carbs somewhat. But 0:30:70, full of saturated bacon grease and beef fat, is like putting a loaded gun to your head.
- - - -

I am NOT a professional Doc or Nurse or CDE. These are opin
ions of a lay person, not to be used for treatment. (But, in this particular case, I'll mention that my wife, who *IS* an MD, is horrified by Atkins.)

Last edited by rickst29; 06-04-2006 at 02:45 PM.

Old 06-05-2006, 02:50 PM   #4
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enchantedfrog HB User
Re: How low is to low?

Thank you both for your response.

rickst29: No I don't mess with the atkins diet. Have heard to many horror stories. I did add a little more carbs back into my diet and as long as I don't skip a meal or snack my bs stays around 109 and I feel okay. Any lower and I start to feel tired and well sick. I guess I get a little freaked out when I think about what Mom went through near the end. She lived with diabities for over 20 years before it started to take a toll on her body, and went it did it hit her hard and fast. I did find a great doctor, and am going to get in to see him just as soon as I can. In the mean time I am trying to take care of myself.

Old 06-05-2006, 06:39 PM   #5
Senior Member
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vikingirl HB User
Re: How low is to low?

Those numbers are WAY TOO LOW! Glad to hear you're back on track, though. Kudos! Keep it up. Low blood sugars can put you in a coma. You don't want that.

Cheers and keep up the fantastic numbers you quoted in your last post (wish I had those :-)

- Vikingirl

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