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  • Do I Have Gastroparesis or not?

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    Old 08-28-2006, 12:43 AM   #1
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    Do I Have Gastroparesis or not?

    I'm a really well educated Type 1 diabetic of 13 years. I got it when I was 15, I'm 28 now.

    I've had glycos of 6.1-6.7 for the last 10 years (my first 5 years I ran from the 6's to the 8's depending on the time of year...I was stil getting a handle on the disease).

    I'm afraid I have gastroparesis.

    I just had a upper and lower endoscopy performed...they only found damage to the opening to my food remnants...nadda.

    I also had a gastric emptying study...I watched the monitor for 2 stomach was like clock work...looks like it emptied completely in about 90 minutes (but that was for a tiny, egg half my normal breakfast) so who's to say what it would do had I eaten a say...steak dinner.

    My symptoms: Lately, I've had constant stomach pain and I feel, bloated and my stomach feels "burny" a lot. I also have found my blood sugars doing wierd stuff. Like...when I eat a BIG meal...say like tonite...I had a big hamburger with cheese and a plate of french fries and a beer (not a good meal..I know...this is rare for me)...I noticed about 4.5 hours after I blood sugar shot up from 80 at 4 hours to 199 at 4.5 hours. This happens whenever I eat big, fatty meals. I also tend to get low really easy shortly after an hour to an hour and a half after I eat, my blood sugar will run 50-60 mg/dl.

    I asked my doc about this, cuz I've had this prob for YEARS...way before the stomach pain started and he said its typical for LARGE meals to take that long to finish digesting and for insulin to outrun the slow, digesting fat (hence the lows). I use a dual wave bolus on my insulin pump NOW and it works to curb the lows shorty after high fat meals, and the highs hours after ..but on a night like tonite...4.5 hours seems like a ridiculous amount of time for my stomach to take digesting food.

    I know, I know...suffice the passed tests above...sounds definitely like at least MILD gastroparesis right? Well...please explain this,; I'm not nauseous ever after large meals...just very full feeling for a long time with indigestion Also, when eating my normal meals (which have plenty of fat and protein in them), my blood sugars aren't doing crazy things all the time (the #1 and #2 symptoms of gastroparesis). The really wierd thing is that I feel BETTER when I lie down or sit still after eating (contrary to GERDS symptoms that get worse when you do this). Moving seems to irritate my stomach opposed to what all the GERDS studies say encouraging excercise. I also tend to feel feverish when the stomach discomfort is really bad.

    So I'm still eating high fat foods in reasonable amounts with no probs or wierd blood sugars. Seriously, I can eat a small 6oz cut of steak (high protein) and a small salad (roughage) and feel fine with no wierdness in the blood glucose levels. I can even eat 2 barbecue hamburgers (very low fat as they're flame broiled) and fell fine. Again...if I had gastroparesis..wouldn't I feel nauseated AND notice my blood sugars dropping low 40 minutes to 1 hour after I eat anytime I eat meals high in protein or roughage??

    but this still brings me back to the 4.5 hour post-prandial blood sugar spikes after high fat meals???....(sometimes at the 6 hour point even)...and the constant stomach discomfort that can flare up anytime??

    Has anyone diagnosed with gastroparesis had this same or similar chronology of events?? Constant burning, bloating, fullness in stomach after eating (slowly worsening after meals and lasting up to 5-6 hours), wierd blood sugars ONLY when eating large fatty meals, but no probs with normal meals (example of a normal lunch for me: a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, dorritos, 2 cookies and a can of diet soda), and NO history of diabetic retinopathy or any nerve damage detected in regualr doctors visits and glycos in the 6's for years??

    ...anyone out there have the symptoms I listed and have an answer??

    I seem to simultaneously fit and go against many of the symptoms and descriptions of gastroparesis. My tests, my diabetic history and the main symptom of gastroparesis excluded (nausea) seem to say I do not have it.

    The constant fullness, bloated and heart-burn feeling coupled with wierd blood sugars afer LARGE high fat meals seem to say I have it.

    Please help. Sorry to ramble. I wanted to be thorough in hopes someone out there has seen this before in a diabetic OR non-diabetic and can tell me with relative certainty what it it.

    The other strange thing is that the stomach pain and irritation started up after I started my new job as a stock hand. I'm busier than ever and run normal blood sugars ALL day due to my activity level... (they say gastroparesis is irritated by constant high blood sugars)...I started getting these gastro-paresis like symptoms during one of the best blood sugar periods I've ever had in my just doesn't make sense.

    PS: This has been going on for about 6 months now.

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    Re: Do I Have Gastroparesis or not?

    It doesn't sound like gastroparesis to me. It sounds like simply the effects of a high fat meal. The fries, if they were greasy, would definitely slow the absorption of the food. Any high fat meal, especially one with cheese, will have a much slower release of sugar. The same is true for pasta, even though it is not necessarily high fat.

    As for the burning, I don't know many people with gastroparesis who have that burning. Sounds more like stress or some sort of ulcer. The biggest tell for gastroparesis is vomiting and food that doesn't move out of your stomach. If the food is moving, you don't have it. I used to eat one slice of toast for breakfast and still have it sitting there at dinner. I felt awful.

    Sorry I can't help with what is actually wrong, but it really doesn't sound like gastroparesis.

    Dxd T1 1966, 2001 dialysis, 2002 kidney transplant, 2003 insulin pump, 2008 pancreas transplant

    Old 08-28-2006, 04:08 PM   #3
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    Re: Do I Have Gastroparesis or not?

    hey thanks Coravh!

    So you're saying that with gastroparesis it's REALLY acute. Cuz my doctor says the same thing. I just keep worrying that I have soem really mild form of it...or intermittent form. From what I've read though, it doesn't seem like ym symptoms are extreme enough to be it. I just haven't gotten any better answers from anyone who can tell me what it is...including my doctor. thanks though...can you tell me a little more about your experience with it? Were there warning signs? Did it take years to get as bad as you explain...or was it all of a sudden??

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    Re: Do I Have Gastroparesis or not?

    You mentioned that they found "damage to the opening" of your stomach. It sounds to me that you may have GERD (gastroesophagal reflux disease), which can produce many of the symptoms you describe. You may want to try using something like Pepcid Complete, or ask your doctor if you should be taking a stomach acid inhibitor like Prilosec. The other thing to do is to make sure you never lie down or recline until at least 2 hours after eating or drinking anything, and bending over (which you may be doing a lot of in this job) is also not good right after eating..

    I agree with Cora that the blood sugar rise sounds more like delayed absorption due to the high fat content of the meal you had. Hamburger has a lot of fat in it, as does cheese and french fries. For a meal like that (or pizza, for example), I would program my dual wave bolus out over 4 to 4.5 or even 5 hours.

    It sounds, from all the tests and everything else you've said, as if you definitely do NOT have gastroparesis, but do ask your doctor about GERD.


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    Re: Do I Have Gastroparesis or not?

    Hello, your question caught my eye as I do have gastroparisis, along side other severe diabetic complications. I tend to agree with the other posts. My gastroparisis symptoms included, severe loss of appetite (I didn't eat for several months - I couldn't even face protein shakes and lost a huge amount of weight), alternating bouts of awful diarrhea and constipation, acid reflux and vomiting up food I'd eaten a long time previously (over a day in one instance!)

    I felt absolutely awful and was unable to get out of bed, even trips to the toilet made me cry! My gastric emptying test showed no emptying after two hours, I was then admitted into hospital and ended up being tube fed for several months - it's not so nice having to learn to put a tube down your own nose!!!
    I'm releived that your symptoms don't sound like gastroparisis - I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


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