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WoodsmanSC 01-29-2010 08:13 PM

Glucometer - what did I do wrong?
To take care of the first responses, yes I do have an appointment with a doctor in a couple weeks, but I want to have some information to bring to him when I go in.

37 year old male in otherwise excellent health, but with a lot of the "classic" warning signs of diabetes present for a year or so - excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination, occasional fatigue that I can't otherwise explain, and a mother who is type 2 diabetic.

I bought a glucometer this week and have begun testing myself. I'd like to know what I could have possibly done wrong to avoid inaccurate numbers as well as to not waste test strips (and my god are they expensive!)

Glucose level this morning: 119. Cause for concern, yup. Not panic time but a heads-up.

Dinner was 3 slices of supreme pizza and a glass of iced tea. 90 minutes later, I do another test. 353. Yikes! I think "that can't possibly be right, can it?"

I do another test, 4 minutes later according to the meter. 157. OK, not so bad but still a red flag.

The question is, what could I have done wrong? Blood glucose levels can't really go from "get thee to the ER!" range down to "yeah you might have a problem, tell your doctor when you go in" range in 4 minutes, can they?

tjlhb 01-29-2010 09:20 PM

Re: Glucometer - what did I do wrong?
Regardless of whether any of the readings are in error, it looks like you probably want to:

1. Talk to your doctor about this.
2. Increase exercise.
3. Lose body fat (if you waist at navel level is more than half your height, you probably have too much).
4. Clean up your diet (particularly avoiding fast digesting sugars and refined carbohydrates, and sweet drinks).

itotito 01-30-2010 07:54 AM

Re: Glucometer - what did I do wrong?
No they cannot got from 353 to 157 in 4 minutes. There was an error somewhere. Maybe a bad meter, maybe contaminants on your finger, but no, there is no way you can swing that much so quick.

If you established that something is wrong with your testing, can you trust that 119 ?

I would test a few mornings after waking up and washing your hands. See if you can get a pattern. Test a few times 2hrs after a good meal.

By the way, if the 157 was accurate and it was 90 minutes after 3 slices of pizza and sweetend ice tea, is not dramatic and does not match the symptom of frequent urination and thirst. Pizza is really hard on glucose levels.

Frequent urination, thirst and rapid weight loss are associated to your system spilling glucose into your urine which would occur normally at levels higher than that.

are you overweight ?

purple2067 02-01-2010 06:59 PM

Re: Glucometer - what did I do wrong?
There are several reasons that you could get a false reading. The instruction booklet that came with my meter says that if the test strip is not exactly properly inserted, if the blood sample is too small or too big, you can get a false reading. When I get a reading that is abnormally high or low, I throw out the strip and retest automatically. If I am getting really odd readings, I use the testing solution that came with my meter to check it.

Readings can vary normally by 20-30 points or so, according to my instruction manual and the people at Liberty Medical (who supplies everything for my Diabetes). So if I take it once and I get a reading of lets say 160, I am not sure and I take it again two seconds later and I get a reading of 140, just as an example. (which of course makes me happier and I throw out the 160!) Both readings are accurate, just not always 100%.

You also have to go by how you are feeling. If your meter says your sugar is 157, but you really don't feel good and are exhibiting all the signs of high blood sugar, go with how you feel. If you truly got a correct reading of 157, 90 minutes after eating all of that Pizza and Iced Tea, then that too bad since it usually takes about 2 hours for sugar levels to return to completely normal after a big meal like that.

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