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taroki 05-24-2011 07:33 AM

Do I have diabetes?
Do I have type 2 diabetes? I'm so scared right now. I'm going to let my doctor know next week.

I have had these symptoms for a while now :
- frequent hunger
- frequent urination
- sleep problems
- contant fatigue
- slow healing from injuries (eg. bruises)
- mood issues, depression
- digestion problems, protein found in urine, asked to take digestive enzymes
- sleepy right after eating (especially if food contains carbs)
- low sex drive
- sometimes passing gas/bloating after a meal
- frequent yeast infections

I recently had these symptoms after a cold/sore throat that lasted a month :
- excessive thirst, especially at night
- poor blood circulation (sleep on one side, the other side goes cold)
- cold hands/feet
- dry mouth, mouth sores when eating apple
- naturopath told me my insulin level is at 181 (60 is normal), he prescribed UltraMeal Bar for symptoms of metabolic syndrome

I am 33 years old, 5'1" 93lb (underweight), and do not have weight loss (I've always been this skinny no matter how much I eat, may have celiac disease since doctor told me about trying a gluten-free diet). The only person in my family with diabetes is an uncle who passed away due to diabetes.

Frederick123 05-24-2011 10:52 AM

Re: Do I have diabetes?
The only way to tell is by going to a doctor and get tested. In my opinion, the A1C is probably the best test. The person who told you your glucose is 180 and it should be 60 is maybe a little wacko. The average glucose should be between 80 and 140 depending on a whole bunch of factors.
Again, I suggest you get an A1C test and go from there.

JJ 05-24-2011 11:45 AM

Re: Do I have diabetes?
It's possible you might be Diabetic or even Pre Diabetic. Before you start worrying yourself into a as the above poster said..get an A1c done. It's very simple test, don't even need to fast. This way if your getting Diabetic you can maybe adjust your foods and exercise to avoid meds.

If you have a meter or know of someone who does, you can test yourself. Fasting glucose should be between 80-110 and 2 hrs. after a meal should be below 140. Do a search on low glycemic foods and also low carb foods. Eating properly will definately help whether you are or not.

All the best...JJ....:wave:

JJ 05-24-2011 12:25 PM

Re: Do I have diabetes?
Did you have a Glucose Tolerance Test with Insulin? If that is what the Dr. is talking about then the norm is 60. I truly am not all that familiar with that test, so maybe someone else can be of some help.

Good luck...JJ...:wave:

taroki 06-29-2011 03:45 PM

Re: Do I have diabetes?
Peaked at my bloodwork when the doctor wasn't looking, and my insulin test was in fact : insulin 181 40-190 pmol/L

My fasting blood sugar test came back negative (doctor didn't call me).

Should I try harder to request an A1c test? I think it is more accurate. I am still getting sugar spikes whenever I eat anything, even a salad or fruits (symptoms are extreme thirst and frequent urination) and I am very fatigued and hungry with even the slightest exercise. Symptoms are much worse after fasting for a short period (say a few hours) with poor circulation, extreme fatigue after eating, etc. Doctor confirmed I am insulin resistance and have metabolic syndrome. But didn't say I have diabetes.

bimik 08-20-2012 11:36 AM

Re: Do I have diabetes?
What about your fasting glucose?

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