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cookoo 12-22-2011 03:19 PM

question about my glucose levels
Last week, I went to the doctor to get my blood drawn for hepatitis B. I received a call back from the nurse saying everything was alright on that part, but my glucose level was at 127, which was a bit high, so she wanted me to do another set of lab works. At the time, I just had a meal and a large cup of coffee, so I wasn't too sure if that was the cause.

This morning, I woke up, had my normal breakfast (oatmeal), and went to get my blood drawn. I got a call this afternoon and the person at the front desk told me that my ____ levels was in the upper range of normal, at 59. She said that the doctor usually wants people to be under 60. I don't know what that ___ is. Do the numbers ring a bell to you guys?

so I guess with this, what does it mean for me? Am I in the danger zone to get diabetes? I'm going to watch what I eat, but does that mean absolutely nothing sweet? (fruits, chocolate, etc etc)? How much sugar does it take to get past 160 and to diabetes?

I eat a protein bar every morning, and i"m wondering if I should cut that.

even my natural peanut butter sandwich has 2 grams of sugar. should I avoid? My greek yogurt has about 9 grams sugar per serving. is that bad too?

Edit: I figured it out. It's my Hemaglobin A1C, and it is 5.9, and the doctor said normal is 6 or under

peace4 02-08-2012 08:26 AM

Re: question about my glucose levels
They should have tested your Fasting glucose levels. 127 is perfectly normal after meals (you say you had just had a meal, so that's a perfect number).

The doctor wants people to be under 60??? That's funny, to say the least. 60 is low. So your result of 59 was low (hypoglycemic). How much time had passed since your breakfast, when you had your level at 59?

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