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maglib 03-04-2012 05:29 PM

14 year old. Help as dr. doesn't seem concerned
My son has hereditary high cholestrol. Have known this since he was born. He is about 10 pounds overweight. He does hiking and normal playing but not extremely active.

I'm going to post in diabetes section too.

He's been suffering from headaches and also we found had elevated blood pressure consistantly for past 6 months of 135/80.

So doctor has him do blood work and urinalysis. He didn't eat for the night and it was within an hour of him waking up. He ate dinner the night before of veggies and grilled chicken at 7.

Doctor didn't say anything to me other than high cholestrol but I had it mailed to me. I'm concerned as cancer and diabetes run in grandparents.

Results that are concerning to me but doctor didn't say anything about:
Glucose Fasting 106 when normal is 65-99

WBC 3.8 when normal is 4.5 to 13

Urine cloudy, trace amounts of both ketones and proteins

Doctor discussed but is best that it has been and even at 4 it was high:
Total Cholestrol 335 (note his brother who has 4% body fat and is in superb condition has 370)
HDL 32
LDL 271
Triglycerides 160

She only suggested that he have a doppler study of the venal arteries after all of this. I'm concerned about all the issues.


92261 03-28-2012 09:03 PM

Re: 14 year old. Help as dr. doesn't seem concerned
Maglib: I'll try to answer some of the diabetes issues. First, he's 14 and in puberty. Insulin is a hormone also. Do you know what ketones are? They're the body using fat for fuel instead of carbs. They can be dangerous to a diabetic and if they're high they need to be flushed out by drink a lot of water or getting insulin to get rid of them. You don't want kidney damage. Ketones can be fatal if you end up in diabetic ketoacidosis. His 106 BG seems fine. His sugars might be higher being a teen. You never know what they eat and how long it takes to metabolize.

The exercise is good to keep the sugars down. Exercise is a natural insulin.

I wouldn't be concerned about diabetes for him. If he was in the 150-500 range then yes. At this age I'd be more concerned for T1 diabetes since it's becoming an epidemic. You can get T1 up into your 30's. It's an autoimmune disorder, just like celiac and lupus. I'm sure you know the signs of highs and lows. If you see him peeing and drinking a lot then check his sugar for highs. If he's high, get him to the hospital.

MrAK 04-11-2012 03:09 PM

Re: 14 year old. Help as dr. doesn't seem concerned
1.What are his dietary habits for your son and your family?

from the data you have given his Glucose Fasting is high for his age. He is either pre-diabetic or stress hormone/sugar level is high and fluctuating. I would follow the medical management for diabetes. His high cholestrol is due to insulins resistance. I would recommend exercise and keep a low-carb diet and AVOID refined-carbs at all cost and should consume good fats like coconut oil, avacado, etc. Also give him lots of leafy green veg's to alkaline his body.

maglib 02-24-2013 05:35 AM

Re: 14 year old. Help as dr. doesn't seem concerned
thanks he is now seeing a nephrologist. He has a bp monitor and his bp is all over the place. Low for him is 130/80 but he has his 180/98..... even at sleep it was high.

going for more tests next week.......

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