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Worrier2012 04-04-2012 12:28 PM

Concerned, 20 year old man.
Hello, I am writing because I am slightly concerned about my health. Diabetes runs in my family and my father has had diabetes type 2 for many years. I have had rapid weight gain in the last 3 years now I weigh 15 stone and am about 6 ft tall. I have drunk a lot of alcohol being a student and eaten a lot of food, take aways most nights etc. I have strange symptoms and don't know what they are related to.
*Joint aches, aching in the muscles around the joint. Like a burning sensaiton in my calf, legs and tingles in my feet. In my fingers, and aches/tingle in my finger joints. I feel like my hands are shaking when they aren't.

Looking back, I remember a few weeks ago when I was out with my friends and I had a joint. I smoked a lot and I had tingles in my feet, and legs. This went as it came out of my system but for two days I had tingly feet. Thats the only other time I remember feeling like this. Now I have these chronic dull muscle aches that feel more like burning and they come and go. Tingling lips as well, like a burning sensation and on my cheeks. I had some throbbing feeling in my spine not often though that was once. This has happened for the last week. I had a time where I kept urinating as soon as I wake up which was odd.

2 months ago, I had a one night stand which was unprotected and initially assumed it may be a HIV infection and the symptoms pertain to that. However I got tested and it was negative with the doctors telling me its highly unlikely to be HIV and my symptoms didnt match. I have been very anxious thinking I have HIV and have not eaten a lot of food. I have drunk a lot of water, lately and without realising I find im always drinking water. I dont recall ever feeling thirsty but im always drinking water. Maybe it's a habit. I also have a bit of a malaise feeling. And have had a rash. I ought to ask to see my blood sugar levels. But it runs in my family and I am short sighted in one eye which started when I was 17 but at the time i had lost severe weight. I have never been tested for Diabetes. My liver did feel like it was going one night when i drank a lot which is when all this began. I have had a habit of binge drinking and it had throbbing pain. This weekend I had a glass of wine and again I could feel it, but not a pain more like just an awareness of it. That it was there. I don't know to relate these symptoms to Diabetes or Hiv infection. Im finding i also have a fungal infection on my toe nail i think which wasnt there before. Hmm its all odd! Any expertise will be appreciated or advice. Thanks

WonderWomanof3 04-15-2012 09:28 PM

Re: Concerned, 20 year old man.
Arthritis? Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis? Vitamin D deficiency might also give you muscle and joint pain. Gall stones? Gall bladder is near the liver.

Stop drinking, smoking, eating junk and having unprotected sex and you won't have to worry about all this.

Go to the doctor and get tested for diabetes. I wish you well my friend.

Monza65 04-17-2012 08:23 AM

Re: Concerned, 20 year old man.
Worrier,one way of getting rid of these worries is to clean up your act. That might be a rough way of me telling you that you really have to slow down on reckless behavior. You already know that your dad has diabetes. So you are a real good candidate for it too. There many ugly things that come along with diabetes. Loss of eyesight, loss of toes feet and legs. Loss of those things WILL slow you up.
It is all up to you. You can choose to slow down on the bad stuff and live a very happy life for a very long time or coose the other route. I have had diabetes for over 50 years with type 1. I have not let diabetes slow me down or stop me from doing anything. Where my friends may drink 4 beers I'll have 1. Where everyone is chowing down on pizza I'll have a salad and only 1 slice. As far as safe sex, what can be said? Go to the doctor and get tested for diabetes. It will take a lot off of your mind.

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