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wen76 04-26-2012 06:56 AM

glucose tolerant test
I have been for a glucose tolerant test today,, I had a blood test in Dec. and it was 6.3 my doc said have another one in a few months time so I did and it was 7.2 so she sent me for a tolerant test today, now I have a glucose moniter and before I went today it was 5.7 ,then had the test and drank 400ml glucose
I then had to rest for two hours and then go back for another blood test,
3/4 hour before I went back again I took it and it was 15.2 should it have dropped more in 1 hour and a quarter and does this mean I have type 2 ? I have to wait all weekend before I get the results.

SamQKitty 04-28-2012 08:59 PM

Re: glucose tolerant test
Oh, yeah, Wen, that 15.2 definitely indicates that you are, indeed, diabetic.

Don't panic, though. If you're a Type 2, even some slight moderations in diet and adding just a bit of exercise may be all you need to do to control this. Start reading and learning everything you can about T2, and you'll be better prepared for the follow-up appointment.


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