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Appetite died suddenly

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Old 03-14-2013, 02:06 AM   #1
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manishrathi HB User
Appetite died suddenly

I am 41, Type 2 diabetic.

Today I had a lunch of oatmeal (1 pack) and I had one more pack of oatmeal an hour before that. By one pack I mean a small bowl (I dont know exact size).

After eating, I was still feeling craving, which I usually do. Before I use to eat till my belly is full and I have got bulging belly due to that. I am trying to cut on my food intake. But because of earlier habits, I am craving after I eat small portions. I was having a glass full of black coffee with stevia (kind of sweetener). After 2 hours of craving, suddenly my appetite was gone and it was gone so bad that I could not even drink water or anything else. Then again after an hour or so, I started feeling craving in the belly. But I could not eat anything. It was like my belly was craving badly but around throat portion, I was unable to put anything. Even if I drink water, it felt like it was falling in the stomach from 5 ft height.

I thought my sugar level went down drastically. I went to a pharmacist, but she was of no help. I picked 3 chocolates and finished in 2 minutes. Then I drank SunnyD orange juice. I was scared. I was in Texas and decided to get back to Toronto immediately but missed flight. My mouth was getting dry (I am not sure is that due to stress or sugar drop or anxiety). Someone informed on this forum that drop in sugar level in body can cause paralysis or can get to coma. Then after almost 4 hours, I started feeling bit better. I was able to eat something now. So I ate two plates, which I usually eat one. It was full of white rice (which people advise not to eat), but I was so scared that I wanted to feel normal. Its 4am right now and I am still awake due to scare. Usually in night, I crave for juices or food. But today there is no craving.
Whats all this going on ? Is there something serious that I should do immediately ? or is this a temporary phenomenon ? What shall I do to avoid such a thing ? Is this due to sugar level drop on body or is it due to stress OR is it because of having black coffee when stomach was craving ? I wanted to get blood test done, but then someone told me, it would cost more than $1000 in USA. I will have to check tomorrow with my employer about my coverage. This happened at a time when all employees were gone.
What can this be ? What shall I do to avoid such an abnormality ?


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Re: Appetite died suddenly

Manishrathi, I commented on your other post about your urine smell and the ketones.

Do you understand what you're doing to your body? You need to get yourself set up with a good diet and eating plan and not try to starve yourself by fasting and eating small meals like you have with the oatmeal.

All of these things that you're doing are making blood sugar fluctuations and you are not eating healthy and providing your body with the proper nutrients to function properly and keep you safe.

I suggested in the other post that you meet with a dietician and get a food plan established and keep a journal of what you're eating.

Review that other post and look at the food pyramind I listed.

You should be carrying fast acting sugars on you. Carry glucose tablets or candies, like lifesavers, to use in an instance when you feel your sugars be off. Chocolate is not a good form of a fast acting sugar. Juice, glucose tablets, sports drinks, even soda, is better than chocolate.

Do you know the signs and feelings of a low and high blood sugar? If not, you should learn them and keep them posted near you.

Do you wear a medical bracelet to let people know you're a diabetic? If not, invest in one.

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Azurah HB UserAzurah HB UserAzurah HB UserAzurah HB UserAzurah HB User
Re: Appetite died suddenly

Basically all you're eating is sugar. Have you looked at the grams of carbs on a packet of oatmeal? Carbs are broken down into sugar. So oatmeal = sugar. The sugar (glucose) isn't getting into your cells to be used as energy due to insulin resistance, so your body essentially thinks you didn't feed it. You need to be eating less carbs and more fats and proteins so your body can get the nutrition and energy it needs. So what probably happened in your body was over the next hour or so, your blood glucose levels were on the rise due to the carb load you ate. You may have felt unwell due to having high blood glucose levels. It would've been best if you had your BG meter to test because going off of how you feel is not accurate. Dry mouth can be a sign of high BG.

At some point your body's insulin levels were able to catch up and bring down your BG. This usually makes you hungry. If you are used to running high BG levels then even if your BG is not actually at hypoglycemic levels (usually under 70mg/dl), you may still feel hypo. It's best to test when this happens so if BG is not actually too low, you won't overdo your correction with too many carbs.

The next thing you ate, white rice, is again just carbs. Also the Sunny D. So you just kept feeding your body glucose and more glucose which just continues the cycle of BG spike->insulin production trying to overcome insulin resistance and eventually bring BG down->hungry/hypo/crave sugar->repeat. The more carbs you eat, the more you'll crave carbs and sugary drinks like juice and you end up on a rollercoaster with BG going up and down. You have to change your diet because your body can't use carbs effectively. The one nutrient that your body has a problem utiziling correctly is the one you keep trying to feed it. Of course it's not going to work properly and you aren't going to feel well.

A meal with protein and fats would've filled you up and prevented the cycle of glucose spikes and crashes. You really need to cut down on those carbs, focus more on meat, cheese, eggs, fish, tofu, and some green veggies. Seeds, nuts, and berries should also be okay. Always try to keep your meter on hand because it will show you what's going on.

Before my diagnosis, I'd always have a carby breakfast like cereal or waffles or hashbrowns and maybe some orange juice or sugary coffee. I'd go to work and 2 hours later I'd be starving, shaky, weak and feeling like I had to have sugar or I might pass out. Once I got a meter, I discovered that if I eat mainly carbs, sometimes my BG crashes too low a few hours later. I'm not much of a meat eater, so for breakfast I try to have eggs or full fat greek yogurt (more filling and I need fat) with some berries. The protein and fat fill me up and I avoid the nasty spike and crash effect that the high carb breakfasts I used to eat would give me.

You definitely do need to see a physician or endocrinologist to help you manage your diabetes.
30 years old, thin type 2
Diagnosed: 6/30/11 (failed OGTT with bg around 260 at 2 hours)

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Re: Appetite died suddenly

Both Azurah and 92261 have given you excellent advice, Manishrathi, and I hope you'll pay attention, because the way you are eating now is a direct road to insulin-dependent diabetes.

In Type 2 diabetes, the initial problem is that the body's cells are resistant to insulin, but the pancreas is producing plenty. So, when you load up on carbs, and the glucose can't get into your cells, your pancreas responds by producing more and more insulin. Eventually this can cause the beta cells that produce insulin to actually "burn out" and die, at which point all the diet and exercise in the world won't keep your blood sugar down and you will have to start taking insulin.

In the bad old days, the only oral medications available for us T2's were sulfonylureas, which worked by causing the pancreas to increase insulin production. For many of us, myself included, this actually hastened the progress of beta-cell destruction and we ended up on insulin sooner rather than later. Now they have wonderful insulin-sensitizing drugs such as metformin, which don't affect the pancreas but do cause the cells to be more sensitive to the insulin you produce, thus lowering blood sugar levels. However, medication can't do its job unless you also do your job, and that is to lower your consumption of carbohydrates, especially fast-acting ones like bread, rice, potatoes, etc. Whole grains and fruit in moderation, along with vegetables, protein and a moderately low amount of fat, will stabilize your blood sugar and allow your body to utilize the insulin you produce without overstressing your beta cells.


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