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MPA26 07-31-2017 12:47 PM

16/8 Diet
Has anyone heard of or tried the 16/8 diet? It is a diet of intermittent fasting. You fast for 16 hours of the day and eat for 8 hours, typically eating between 12pm and 8pm. I read that it promotes weight loss but can also reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer. I have all 3 in my family so anything I can do to help I am willing to try. If you have done this diet did it work well for you? Did it help you lose weight? I am trying to lose about 15 lbs that I have gained in the last year or so. I have been doing it for a few weeks now and have only lost a couple pounds, but I must say I feel better on it. I'm not constantly craving food anymore like I used to and its easy to follow because I tend to be very busy at work in the morning and its easy to not think about eating until lunch time. Any feedback would be great!

JohnR41 08-07-2017 11:10 AM

Re: 16/8 Diet
You said you read that it can reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer.
Did this information that you read provide proof of any kind? How about large, long-term, population studies? If they didn't provide anything like that, I would doubt them.

All the long term studies I have read seem to point to: The less animal protein you eat the better. There has been lots of cancer in my family which is why I became a vegan 12 years ago. And so far I'm doing very well. I have had so many good checkups on everything that my doctor says I'm bad for business. :-)

Of course there's more to it than just eliminating animal protein: I avoid highly processed foods; I only eat a few minimally processed foods. I mainly concentrate on natural whole foods like fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. (And I take a small B12 supplement because B12 comes from animal protein.)

MPA26 08-07-2017 11:27 AM

Re: 16/8 Diet
Yes there have been long term studies done to show the effects on diabetes and cholesterol. I dont know about cancer, I didnt look that much into it. I am using it for weight loss too so well see. Hopefully it works.

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