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dbat 12-30-2017 02:05 PM

between coffee drinkers and non coffee drinkers, who will not only live longer but have a better overall health in the long run???? would anyone happen to know?? i dont drink coffee and thats why im asking. can anyone or someone please tell me. thank you.

quincy 12-30-2017 09:18 PM

Re: caffeine
Living longer has nothing to do with drinking coffee or not....healthy has nothing to do with drinking coffee or not.


Titchou 12-31-2017 04:53 AM

Re: caffeine
The only caution for coffee - or any caffeine drinks - is moderation in order to not impact your heart rate or your stomach acid. Caffeine can raise it. Also, for females with fibroid cysts, it can cause pain in the cysts. Otherwise, caffeine and coffee have nothing to do with life expectancy.

DTr 01-08-2018 06:37 PM

Re: caffeine
If you drink pure coffee, that is filtered coffee and without any sugar or milk, it is quite healthy for you from what I've read in a few places.

JohnR41 01-11-2018 01:57 PM

Re: caffeine
[QUOTE=dbat;5475084]between coffee drinkers and non coffee drinkers, who will not only live longer but have a better overall health in the long run????[/QUOTE]

It's difficult to answer that question without knowing your age, health status, and overall diet. Older people are likely to get better results providing they don't have certain ailments like overactive bladder or incontinence among other things. Health status plays a role as far as liver function etc.

Overall diet plays a role, in my opinion. Other than being a stimulant, coffee contains antioxidants and that would be the main attraction as far as health and longevity. So it might only provide a slight benefit for those who eat a poor diet and don't get enough antioxidants. There are so many better ways to go about trying to be healthy. For example, fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds all contain antioxidants. And they all contain fiber and many other nutrients as well.

aveas 01-20-2018 12:38 PM

Re: caffeine
My opinion is if putting caffeine into one's body raises heart rate or stomach acid levels then it impacts one's state of health. And thus, their life expectancy.

dbat 02-24-2018 11:06 AM

who would be a much healthier individual throughout their lifetime? people who consume caffeine on a daily basis or people who simply dont consume caffeine at all????????????????? can a doctor or physician guru please do tell. rsvp. thank you.

JohnR41 02-24-2018 02:00 PM

Re: caffeine
That's an interesting question but it may be unanswerable in the way that you posed it because no one item in your diet can determine your overall lifetime health. It is the totality of your diet that counts. Looking at one item alone is called reductionism. Also, it would be important to know where the caffeine comes from; is it coming from coffee with milk and sugar or plain, is it a diet soda or a sugary soda, is it tea, or something else?

Let's assume the question is based on plain coffee and you want to know which is healthier, drinking coffee or not drinking coffee. Even if the question is asked in this way, it's difficult to give a good answer without knowing your health status, age, amount of coffee consumed per day, and other dietary habits.

As far as what I would do, I wouldn't drink coffee or soda because they are considered to be highly acidic and anything that is acidic is said to be inflammatory. (This covers everything except tomatoes and citrus; both tomatoes and citrus are acidic but because of how they are metabolized they end up having an alkaline effect on the body.)

quincy 02-25-2018 11:10 AM

Re: caffeine
You asked this question in the past....and caffeine in moderation will not shorten your lifespan.


Lisam\ 04-23-2018 10:50 PM

Re: caffeine
Try to avoid caffeine from the food.

mia1990 07-26-2018 05:14 AM

Re: caffeine
Coffee is even healthy if you drink it in moderate amounts. Your health and time of your life health depends mainly on your body and your lifestyle. However, if you are abusing caffeine, it is already an addiction which in the long run does not have a beneficial effect on your health. Too much caffeine can cause you a lot of problems with pressure and heart:)

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