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bikerj 03-26-2018 03:54 PM

supplemental fiber making me hungry
My question re: consumption of supplement fiber (in form of soluble fiber powder) as an appetite suppressant, but following the directions of taking 1 tsp. with at least 8 oz. of water is actually making me hungry after approx. 20 min., which I've read is the amount of time before the stomach believes it's full.

Any ideas of why this doesn't appear to be working as an appetite suppressant? Does it only act that way whenever it's taken during/immediately before meals?

JohnR41 03-28-2018 01:53 PM

Re: supplemental fiber making me hungry
Context is everything; did you try taking it in place of a meal? Fiber powder is not a meal or a real food. The best way to get soluble fiber is by eating real plant foods because that way you also get important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients at the same time. Plus the fact that all plant foods contain protein.

It's not wise to try to "trick" your body into getting by with less whole food, especially foods that contain fiber.

mia1990 07-16-2018 09:45 AM

Re: supplemental fiber making me hungry
consuming additional supplements in the form of powder does not give u a guarantee that they will work as they should. It all depends on your body. The way of nutrition or physical activity. Bet on easy-to-digest shakes with vegetables, friuts and yogurt-based , etc., than on artificial nutrients

mia1990 07-26-2018 05:09 AM

Re: supplemental fiber making me hungry
Supplement fiber is not a product that will stop you from eating and losing weight. This is only an addition to your plan of nutrition. Just create a nutrition plan with the help of a dietitian or the internet, and this will allow you to lose unnecessary kilograms :cool:

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