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butchfiasco 07-27-2018 02:24 PM

LONG Work Hours

I知 a 21 year old female who is working 62-72 hours a week耀oon to be 75 hours. Luckily, this is temporary, as I知 going back to school toward the end of August.

I知 wondering what the ideal/best diet is for long work days. I知 usually scheduled to work 8:30am-10:30pm at 2 jobs. I知 getting, most, 7 hours of sleep a night. It痴 rough and I知 definitely feeling the toll.

I know a good diet will help tremendously. I知 doing my best, but we don稚 have a lot of food at my house to prep. If anyone has any tips for me, it壇 be much appreciated.


MSNik 07-28-2018 06:05 AM

Re: LONG Work Hours
Hi. Good for you for having such a strong work ethic. Because you are putting in these hours, your body really needs fuel. Think protein! Taking slices of turkey or chicken ( I cook chicken breasts on my day off and each day I slice one up to eat as I go...) or even cheese sticks like string cheese can help. Bags of almonds are good fuel- and in between carrot sticks and celery sticks are good to munch on- low calorie...if you can add some peanut butter to them, that adds protein.

Yogurt cups are good, individual cottage cheese cups are good...and drink water. Stay away from soda and coffee if you can help it.

Hope this helps!

denise1952 11-03-2018 09:22 AM

Re: LONG Work Hours
I so admire you first of all, for working so hard, and long. Also, for thinking about your diet/nutrition is so wise at only 21:) I wish I'd started earlier as I am 65 now and paying for lack of good nutrition, and health-consciousness.

I would have a lot of good snack for in between times, so you would be sure to eat several times a day instead of just 2 or 3 if that's how it's going now. Healthy snacks I love are nuts, and seeds (especially sunflower). I also eat dates, and although some are concerned about the sugar. But for me it's not like eating processed white sugar at all. Apples are good but I have to cut them up so I'll eat them as I don't like eating a whole one at once.

If you can, or want to, you could make your own protein drink to take with you if you have a place to store it at work. One of those small coolers works great for me. Here's my fave recipe for a protein drink:

protein powder (I like non-whey protein and found a vegan one I love, although I am not a vegan).

1/4 C frozen blueberries
1/2 banana (or whole) frozen, I buy older ones and put them in freezer. Just before I add to my blender I nuke one for about 10 seconds, easier to peel).
1/2 C ice cubes
1/2 C either Coconut Milk or Almond Milk

For your main meals, I would shoot for balancing as best you can with your macro nutrients, protein, carbs, fats.

I'm so glad you are at least getting 7 hours sleep, and hope this helps you in getting the fuel your body needs for such a huge, work-load.

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