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MXAlpha 04-22-2019 08:11 PM

In the end, nothing is perfect, what should I do?

I am a 31 year old man. 175cm, 76kg, I exercise 3 times per week.

I'm completely healthy except that I have ADHD (however I have managed to control it and have converted it to a gift rather than a curse.)

I am healthy and these last months I have done research almost on everything
(reading books, articles, nutrition data, types of diets, etc.)

I am doing a Low Carb diet, eating legumes, vegetables, all types of meat and oranges.

I do not: smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol.

My diet plan is like this:
[B]Morning[/B][list][*]Eggs (omelet with 1 teaspoon oil or boiled or in Microwave) + 1 Orange or [*]Lentils + Eggs + Salad [/list][B]Lunch[/B][list][*]Legumes + Meat + Salad[/list]
[B]Dinner[/B][list][*]Legumes + Meat + Salad[/list]
Legumes: Lentils, Kidney/Red Beans, Chickpeas
Meats: Pork, Chicken breast/legs
Salad: Spinach, Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, brocolli
Spices: Red/Black pepper, salt, vinegar, lemons, cinnamon, garlic powder
Drinks: Coffee without sugar, tea + ginger without sugars, green tea chamomile, water.

I eat everything boiled.
Saturdays include some meals that I miss such as Rice or some spaghetti.

I know that my diet is not perfect/complete, however I have lost too much fat because it keeps my insulin very low and I do not starve or feel hunger.

I have much more energy than I used to be, I am much more calm, relaxed and have a clearer mind but I am still concerned if I have the right amounts of vitamins and minerals and I'm more concerned on my brain in long term.

I work as a web developer & I am a university student and I use my brain 100% all the time and I would like to have a diet & exercise plan which will be perfect for my brain after I lose almost all of my fat.

Here are my questions and concerns:[LIST][*]There many types of diets and every diet has its own claims, for example: Keto diet says it's full of fat, very low carbs, medium proteins and it's perfect for our brain because our brain is made of fat, thus we are helping it much more. Others suggest following a balanced diet: Proteins & Carbs & Fats for our whole being.[*]If you start doing research about food you will notice that what you were thinking safe, actually it is not, for example fruit say that they have some sorts of substances/chemicals which help fat to be stored in our bellies. Dietary products while they have a low glycemic index they are high in insuline sensitivity and the higher you insulin sensitivity, the less you lose fat or fat is stored. All-grain foods while they are advertised as all-grain they still include or are mixed with white grain foods, therefore are not to be trusted 100%.[*]Soft drinks with Stevia are advertised as to be safe for your diet. However their preservatives are much more dangerous.[/LIST]
In the end I am kind of lost.
I do not know what to do.

Should I include foods like dietery products for my brain?
What should I do in order to have a low-fat body with perfect nutrition for the brain?

MSNik 04-23-2019 03:42 AM

Re: In the end, nothing is perfect, what should I do?
Hi. It sounds like you are eating healthy....a good balanced diet includes 4-8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. I would up the fruit intake..

As for your brain- Omegas are what the brain needs and eating fatty fish such as salmon is a great brain booster. You should include some fatty fish in your diet and/ or take some Omega supplements; just be sure they are quality fish products and not the kind you buy in a big box store. Your local health food store can help you with this.

JohnR41 04-25-2019 12:23 PM

Re: In the end, nothing is perfect, what should I do?
It's not just what you're eating that's important but also the portion size. You have two different sources of protein at every meal: Lentils + eggs, Legumes + meat, and Legumes + meat again for dinner. So, without disclosing the portion size, it gives the impression you might be doubling down on protein and skimping on vegetables. Therefore, I don't have enough information to evaluate the soundness of your diet.

Your brain is totally dependent on carbohydrate for energy, and you also need carbohydrate to maintain a good level of blood glucose for exercise. So I don't understand why you're on a low carb diet. Complex carbohydrate in moderation is good for your health. I see that you are getting some carbs in your diet from one orange and legumes at every meal but in doing so you may be getting too much protein. Perhaps your diet could also be called a "high protein diet".

There are sources of grain that can be trusted, like organic Amaranth, organic whole wheat berries, organic whole grain rice, organic whole grain pasta etc. Personally, I wouldn't feel as though a meal is complete without one serving per meal. I have one serving of organic steel-cut oats with my breakfast and then I alternate with the other grains for lunch and dinner.

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