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Any vegetarians out there?

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Old 04-28-2004, 01:09 PM   #1
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baby_bytes HB User
Any vegetarians out there?

I'm considering in becoming a vegetarian. I've started by eating just salads now, but I was wondering what else i can do to vary and not get tired of just eating salads...hope it makes sense.

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Old 04-28-2004, 01:38 PM   #2
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llamamuffinmama HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

i'm vegetarian and trust me, there's a _lot_ more to enjoy than just salads!

what kind of food do you like (and what would you normally eat before you decided to make the transition)?

i do 100% vegetarian catering, so i have lots of ideas (and lots of recipes). i'd need more info from you to recommend stuff though, otherwise i'd have no idea where to start!

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Old 04-28-2004, 03:02 PM   #3
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baby_bytes HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

Well, I would eat like any other person would eat, such as red meat, not that much tho, chicken, turkey, and fish...if i become a vegetarian, would i have to stop eating breads? how about diary products? i know a lot of vegetarian ppl don't drink milk b/c it comes from a cow...well that's what i've heard, i would love any type of help you can give me, b/c since im new, i don't know where to start. but i know i can do this b/c i quit drinking soda and started drinking water which i hated...but i get used to it after awhile...

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Old 04-28-2004, 10:17 PM   #4
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llamamuffinmama HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

well, there are vegetarian versions of red meat foods ( like boca and other vegetarian "hamburgers", gardenburger "riblets", "meatballs", "meat loaf", sliced deli style "ham", "pastrami", "bologne", many different kinds of vegetarian sausage, veggie hot dogs, etc), chicken (fake chicken patties, seitan chicken strips for stir fry, chicken free nuggets...), turkey ("tofurkey", "unturkey", fake turkey slices for sandwiches), and even fake fish. all these things are made from plant foods and some taste a LOT like what they imitate. (I've fed them to meateaters on several occasions and only told them after they said how good it was that it wasn't really hamburger in the tomato sauce or pepperoni on the pizza but knock offs....)

there are a lot of different kinds of vegetarians. some drink milk and or eat eggs and are lacto and/or ovo vegetarians. vegans avoid both of these along with meat, fish & poultry... unfortunately, the dairy industry and egg industry are just as bad as the meat industry so a lot of people who dont want to support one kind of animal farming decide not to support any of it eventually.

i ate dairy and eggs for a long time, but i stopped a few years ago . for a lot of people, that is a gradual transition. for some it's overnight. it's really cool that you're thinking about giving this veg diet thing a try. take it one day/one meal at a time and have fun with it!! there's no need to be worried about it, just do it however it feels right for you.

to answer your question, you can definitely still eat bread. lol. it sounds like you're overwhelmed, but it's really not hard to be vegetarian...
just to make you feel better here's a little list of some basic and delicious vegetarian foods you can enjoy. there are hundreds more, but these are easy and you're probably familiar with most of them... plus if you go out to eat these are some ideas of things you can find all over the place.

spaghetti or other pasta and tomato sauce
pizza with vegetable toppings (leave off the cheese if you decide not to use dairy)
vegetable stir fry over rice or noodles
peanut butter and jelly
hummus and veggie sandwich in a pita pocket
scrambled tofu and veggies
veggie burger
baked potato with assorted toppings
baked sweet potatoes " "
bean and rice burrito w/ lettuce, tomato, guacamole, salsa....
vegetarian chilli
vegetable soups
cereal and milk or soymilk, rice milk, oat milk, almond milk...
bagels w/ cream cheese, soy cream "cheese" (DELICIOUS!), jam, peanutbutter...
fruit salads
vegetarian chinese food (lo mein noodles, veg fried rice, tofu dishes, etc)
veggie enchiladas
french fries (ok, these are junky, but they're a special treat)
veggie subs
mashed potatoes
stuffed peppers
veggie fajitas w/ tofu

there are a million more, but it's a start.

let me know if there's anything you'd like to try to make at home and want a recipe for.

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Old 04-30-2004, 06:42 AM   #5
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Roseyart HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

Hey mama lol, I'm 17 On may.27th 2004 and I'm on depo provera I cant lose the weight and I'm waiting for the depo to wear off ( depo is the devil not getting next shot) I've cut my cals from 1800 per day to 1200 per day I excercise 30-40 minutes a day 5 times a week and i can't lose the weight, I've tried Slim fast which I'm on right now, but I was wandering if I could become vegetarian for the purpose of losing weight fast, please get back to me a.s.a.p (5f4, 180 pounds, gained 30 from depo now it wont come off, goal is 120) My small goal is 20 pounds and to eventually lose around 60-65pounds and I'm really trying to get there and im having no success, how long did it take for u to lose 100? How much did u execercise per day and per week and can u give me a normal plan of what u eat so i have an idea of how to start? U really motivate me by this , thanks a hole bunch! RosEy
P.s. how long do u think it would take me to lose 65 pounds while being vegetarian?

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Old 04-30-2004, 11:28 AM   #6
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llamamuffinmama HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

hey rosey

you can definitely lose weight on a vegetarian diet, but you can also gain weight on one; like any other diet, it depends how you do it! Like someone said you can be vegetarian and eat nothing but french fries and candy bars. lol

carbohydrate and protein each have 4 calories per gram, but fat has 9 calories per gram. so the reason that going low fat works for a lot of people is that when we cut back on fat, it tends to mean we are getting fewer calories overall. this is what worked for me because i LOVE to eat and i just chose low fat foods so i got to eat plenty of them! just as an estimate, i tried to consume 6-10 grams of fat or less at each meal. this wasn't very hard on a vegetarian diet because the meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products tend to have a lot more fat. where most plant foods (plant oils, avocados and nuts not included) are a lot lower in fat and lower in calories.

what i did was i ate lots of (less refined) carbohydrates/whole grains like oatmeal, potatoes, brown rice, couscous, whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread (like spelt, etc), and then as much veggies and fruit as i wanted. but i just cut back on the fat. for example, if i'd have popcorn, instead of adding butter/margarine/oil, i would sprinkle some salt and herbs on top. on my veggies, i'd put some fresh lemon juice and herbs or seasoned salt instead of butter. instead of having a huge hunk of peanutbutter on my toast, i'd put some jam. instead of butter on a baked potato, salsa. i chose low fat cereals (like optimum power breakfast with soy, flax and blueberries. yum!) and added low fat soymilk or rice milk to them. on my salads i'd put some sunflower seeds and then a low fat salad dressing or some lemon juice or balsamic vinegar and a slight drizzle of olive oil. and for protein, i chose low fat soy products. not only tofu but the fake ribs and fat free "turkey" slices for sandwiches, etc. there is protein in all the veggies and the grains too, so you can get plenty.

If you are only consuming 1200 calories per day and you're very active and 17, it sounds like this may not actually be enough for your body. So your metabolism could be slowed down. But another thing you might want to get looked into if you see a doctor any time soon is having your thyroid checked just in case.

i lost the weight in about a year and a half. i didn't do much exercise for the first several months of that time, just walked around campus and did everyday stuff. but if you're exercising every day that is great! then i started walking 2 miles every morning. i don't know how long it will take you to lose the 20 lbs for your first goal and the 60-65 you want to lose ultimately, but i know you can do it for sure! That really depends on your body and everyone's a little different. But my guess is probably you can lose that first 20 in about 2 months if you stick to it. You don't want to lose too fast or you'll run the risk of gaining it all back b/c your body will start to hang onto whatever you put in.

oh, and a few other things that really helped me

1)don't weigh yourself every day or you'll be obsessed with numbers and psych yourself out. instead focus on how you feel and weigh yourself once a week or so.

2)if you're a soda drinker, quit. all that extra sugar makes your metabolism go nuts, plus it's a ton of empty calories. drink just water and lots of it! also, a cup of hot tea (especially green tea) shortly before a meal worked to curb my appetite and i found i ate less.

3) always eat breakfast. don't skip meals. in fact, eat more than 3 times if you can. snacking throughout the day on veggies and fruits will prevent you from getting really hungry and eating everything in sight when you finally do sit down to have a meal.

as the last poster said, dr. ornish's book is a good one for dietary advice. also dr. neal barnard has some good books out and so does dr. macdougal. there are also a lot of great vegetarian cookbooks out there with low fat recipes. your local library probably has some. i recommend anything by joanne stepaniak especially. the recipes are really easy and tasty.

good luck!

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Old 04-30-2004, 09:26 PM   #7
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jazmella HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

I'm vegan

Definitely go vegetarian! It's really, really simple. Especially with the wide variety of meatless meats/soy products. And it's SO healthy! Maybe eventually you'll even go vegan! I hope!
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Old 05-01-2004, 08:38 AM   #8
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cricketchicket HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

I'm "newly" vegetarian. Have been following it for about 4-5 months, now. It is not difficult to do, but I do find that eating out has been a bit more difficult for me, since I am also a Celiac and must avoid foods made with wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt...most grains, actually. The only grains I *can* eat are those made with corn, potato, and rice (there are a few others that i can tolerate, but can only usually be found in health food stores). In essence, those are some of the main staples of a vegetarian diet and when you're opting for a vegetarian item at a restaurant, they usually only supply pasta or something breaded. So, it has been slightly more difficult. However, if you are not gluten intolerant, like I am, you can enjoy soooooooo many meat-like foods (veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, etc), as well as vegetables, fruits, beans, etc... It should not be very difficult at all.

What i've found helps is having easy food ready to eat and in the house. I live with my bf, and both him and I made the transition to vegetarianism together, so we only buy vegetarian items. We have also found some great vegetarian/organic restaurants around where we live, which is great for the nights you don't want to prepare dinner. We both still eat dairy, but I am cutting down on my dairy intake drastically and no longer drink milk, eat yogurt and only occasionally eat cheese. I try to buy soy based spreads for my gluten free bread, and will buy fortified nut or rice drinks as a replacement for milk.

So far, I have no idea if I've lost any weight...but I wasn't ever needing to lose any weight. However, I do feel healthier!

Good luck to you.

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Old 05-04-2004, 03:08 PM   #9
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Heiewyn HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

To: baby bytes. I would like to know WHY you want to become a vegetarian. I've been one for almost five years, and I started simply because I don't LIKE meat. But it sounds like you do, so what are your reasons?

To:Roseyart. I've heard that most people, after becoming vegetarians, tend to GAIN weight. This is what my doctor told me. However, I think this may be because alot of new vegetarians don't really plan their diet properly and instead of changing things to suit no meat, they just eat more of everything else, such as bread products and junk food. It's alot of work for someone who craves meat, and you'll have to really consider whether it's worth the sacrifice.

Old 05-05-2004, 01:16 PM   #10
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Magpiezoe HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

Hello, One of our local hospitals supports vegetarianism as a way to control cholesterol in heart patients and for loosing weight. They sent out a little health magazine and mentioned about a new type of vegetarian, that I never considered vegetarian. It's a pesco-vegetarian. They just don't eat meat; but they do eat fish, dairy products, egss, veggies, fruit, beans, and grains. I guess that means that my mother-in-law is partially right about fish being a vegetarian dish. (She refers to the Chinese monks when she tells me about it...They do eat the fish they catch...Here I always thought that they only ate rice, veggies, and fruit.)

Old 05-05-2004, 02:35 PM   #11
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Naozumi HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

I tried being vegetarian but I couldn't do it. Though veggieburgers are very good and I still eat those! Your body needs proteins and other vitamins found in meat though so if you switch to a vegetarian diet make sure you find a way to replace those things through suppliments or vegetarian foods that have them.
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Old 05-25-2004, 09:19 AM   #12
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Portablekitten HB User
Re: Any vegetarians out there?

Hi, I am new to the board and I was vegetarian for 15 years and switched to Vegan 5 months ago when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes..
I have lost 43 pounds, my glucose levels have gone from the high 200's/300/s to double digits and my a1c went from 12.1 to 7. I feel better that I have in years, just wish I would have kicked the eggs and dairy sooner, although health was only a small part of why I became Vegan.
If you are looking to become vegetarian, just type "vegetarian sites" into google and you will find a ton of them. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a wonderful site. Also, type in Vegetarian Recipes and you will find more sites and more recipes than you will ever be able to try!
Also, if you eat a wide variety of foods you will get adequate nutrition despite what omnivores will tell you. Being vegan, I just make sure I use a fortified low fat soymilk to get my B12. And, soy products do not put on weight! Large portions put on weight, just like any food. Soyfoods also come in low fat versions. My endocrinologist totally supports my diet and lifestyle and just did a nutrition panel and I am not deficient in any nutrient!
As soon as I find out how to get a few links approved, I will post some to great vegetarian sites for you that provide all kinds of information to make the transition easier, healthy and enjoyable. Hope some of this helps!!
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