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ljason 06-18-2004 07:23 AM

Too Skinny
My husband and I are very skinny people.. He is 6ft and weighs around 150 and I am 5 7 and weigh 105 to 110.. He is now working out w/ weights and I am doing the workouts everyday w/ a lady on tv every morning... Yogo and aerobics.. I was wondering is it safe for me and him to be working out or will we loose more weight and does anyone have any advise on how to gain weight ... He read to gain the weight in muscles he needs to have a diet of 3000 calories and he does good to get his daily 1600.. Can anyone help.. Should I skip the aerobics? since it burns fat.... Help, we want to get healthy and fit and don't know where to start...oh yeah we both eat anything we want and still can't gain a pound...

girlygirl11 06-18-2004 08:51 AM

Re: Too Skinny
1600 calories is a losing weight level, expecially since you both are working out a lot. For both heights, you are extremely underweight. This can harm your body in many ways- for ex. women could stop menstruating (if you already havent), which could lead to osteoporosis and fertility problems. I'm not sure about the effects for men, but I would guess that the fertility would be an issue too, as well as MANY others.

In order to be healthy, both of you would have to gain some weight. Start by eating AT LEAST 2500 CALORIES PER DAY (especially if you continue with workouts). If your husband is eating 1600 calories/day, he cannot be "eating anything he wants" as you say. 3000 Calories would be ideal, but I would calculate it using a BMR Calculator, and then adding more calories because of the excersise (this step is important!). I would also cut back on workouts (if not eliminate all strenous ones) . At such an low weight, you are really only straining your heart, which could lead to heart failure as this progresses.

Fill you meals with high calorie foods if you find you can't eat a lot (in size). Drink nutritional supplements instead of juices or things like that. Eat nuts and add then to whatever you can. Buy hearty breads (usually have some sort of nuts/seeds in them) and use those often. Eat 5-6 meals/snacks per day, even if youre not that hungry. You'll need to train your metabolism (which right now is really really slow) how to handle more food, and doing it regularly (like clockwork) is really ideal.

justme_ 06-18-2004 09:53 AM

Re: Too Skinny
i think maybe he eats what he wants, but he just doesn't want a lot.

modert 06-18-2004 11:30 AM

Re: Too Skinny
When was the last time either of you had a physical or been to the doctor? There are physiological illnesses that can cause malnutrition and weight loss. If this is becoming a problem for either of you, you really should consult a doctor, even more specifically, an Endocrinologist.

More likely, however, you may have an improper diet. People always assume that poor dietary habits lead to weight gain, but it can also lead to weight loss, depending on the individual. You say you can eat anything you want, but if that consists primarily of junk food or highly processed convenience foods, you may be burning off the [I]calories[/I] with your excercise, but not getting the [I]nutrients[/I] you need.

ljason 06-18-2004 12:11 PM

Re: Too Skinny
I go for yearly exams, I had a hysterctomy two years ago... They have ran test,like my thyroid? but there is nothing wrong.. My dad was skinny and so was my mom but now in their fifties have started to gain... I eat all day.. I believe the reason I am so skinny is because I am on the run all day.. I keep kids in my home.. My husband eats when he is home but doesn't eat much during the day in the summer because of the heat... He is also a very active hunter... He mentioned us getting some protein drinks but was not sure which one would be best for us...Do you have any suggestions?could you give me some suggestions on some other foods.. I have never had to watch my weight and I am not up on proteins and calories...

girlygirl11 06-18-2004 02:41 PM

Re: Too Skinny
If by protein drinks you mean nutritional supplements, there are many to get- and they have basically the nutrients from a balanced meal. Some great ones are Ensure, Boost, and Resource. Many of them you can get at a drug store- or you could go to a health foods store.

Not eating "because of the heat" isn't an excuse...eating is a necessary thing- If your husband physically cant, then you need medical help to fix that. Otherwise, he has to find some way to get meals and/or snacks in (this is where the supplements would help). I would recommend getting some 250 Calorie ones for snacks/accompaniments to meals, and some higher calorie ones (i think I've seen 360, look for ones at 500 or so- or just drink 2) for meals during the day.

As for physicals- most doctors dont know what to look for when checking your health in realtion to a low weight. What he/she needs to do (or you can even do it at home with a blood pressure cuff) is:
- have you lie down for 10 minutes, then take your heart rate and blood pressure (while still lying)
-stand for 5 minutes, limit movement to none if possible, and take the BP and heartrate again

If the difference between the top number in the BP reading or your heartrate from lying to standing is more than 20, or very clsoe to- that is a problem. Your body is too weak to pump enough blood throughout your system, and your heart cannot pump fast enough to make up the jump (normal hearts can do this).

Also, do you feel weak at all during the day, or lightheaded? Are you constantly cold? Do your arms/ back/neck have a light layer of darker hair? Are you menstruating? If you answered yes to any of the first 3/ no to the last question, then you desperately need to gain some weight. These are signals from your body that it is struggling to work.

You can keep up the workouts, but I would change them. Make them less intense. For example, go for a walk instead of doing aerobics. You still get the excersise, but because as it is you are underweight, there really isn't much point to continue them..

Shane S 06-18-2004 11:10 PM

Re: Too Skinny
You need calories (as many as it takes) and strength training. Cardio should never be eliminated entirely, but it shouldn't be overemphasized when the goal is weight gain. It's entirely possible 3000 calories is not nearly enough for him. Further, it's also possible to eat all day long and still get below maintenance calories.

I like Lean Mass Matrix. Since he can obviously spare the calories, something heavier, like Heavyweight Gainer 900, is a viable option.

ljason 06-20-2004 10:31 AM

Re: Too Skinny
Just wanted to let yall know that my husband and I went to a vitamin store and he recommended Prolab n large 2..He said it had a better recommends 4 scoops twice a day in water but the guy said it was to thick like that and to break it up into 4 drinks instead of 2.. What are yall thoughts.. I am trying to keep up w/ the calories I eat but I dont' know how to come up w/ the calories.. Like i had a half a hamburger w/ cheese from the restaurant we ate last night and a yeast roll and a bake potato.. How do I know what to put down for calories.. Sorry for sounding so stupid but like I said I have never had to worry about caloires...l

girlygirl11 06-20-2004 01:38 PM

Re: Too Skinny
That's ok.. why didn't you have the whole hamburger- you really CAN spare calories lol?

It really depends on the place for the calories. You can use calorie-counter sites, such as calorieking or just googling the food+"calories". I would guess that half a burger would be 200, a roll 150 and a potato 100 (if you have condiments, you'd add those too)- so your dinner total (food only, no condiments included) would be 450 Calories. If you're trying to gain weight, you should prolly raise that a bit, to 600-700 Calories, for ALL meals. (for snacks, I'd go as high as 500, low as 200, 2-3 snacks/day).

Shane S 06-20-2004 02:19 PM

Re: Too Skinny
I wouldn't buy supplements in stores. I'd shop online. About half the price (even moreso if you were to shop at GNC).

Most weight gainers are pretty thick. Just add more liquid if you have trouble with them. N-Large is pretty much nothing more than sugar and cheap protein. Nonetheless, it is 600 calories, multiplied by twice daily that's an extra 1200 calories. If you add milk, we're talking close to 2000. Although I'd be wary of adding milk to the higher protein drinks, as there is potential for bloating. Speaking of milk, though, that's a good, healthy way to boost calorie intake. It's also good for the muscles and bones.

A lot of restaurants have nutritional information either at the restaurant or at their web site.

ljason 06-21-2004 05:42 AM

Re: Too Skinny
I want to thank yall for the help.. I tried the drink last night and that is the worst tasting stuff I have ever tasted...I used water like the directions said and my husband used milk and he said it was alot better.. It didn't say on the bottle that u could use milk so I was scared too.. I emailed prolab but it will probably take forever to hear back.. Do yall know if it is ok?

Shane S 06-21-2004 03:04 PM

Re: Too Skinny
It's not necessarily a problem, although bloating may be an issue.

MRP's can be like that... it may just take you a while to get used to the taste. My favorite in terms of taste is Prolab Lean Mass Matrix cinnamon oatmeal. Even though I'm not a big EAS fan, I also really liked Myoplex Sport right from the beginning as well. Another option would be to cut back on the product a bit and mix it with something you do like the taste of. I love peanutbutter in my protein shakes. It's healthy, calorie dense, and tastes good.

vio 06-21-2004 03:54 PM

Re: Too Skinny
if your man wants to gain some weight i'm going to share the biggest secret of them all. are you ready? here it is. there are no secrets. he's a hardgainer just like i am. i was the same weight. 150 pounds at 6'0". now i'm 170 6'0" with only 8% body fat. now i'm going to tell you how he can gain 20 pounds of muscle. first off it's going to take about 12 to 15 months. he needs to work out ONLY twice a week NO MORE or he'll over train and lose weight. he needs to lift very heavy weights at low to mid reps. some people gain better when they lift enought weight to only get 4-5 reps per set, me i gain best at 6-8 reps per set. he needs to hit failure by the end of the work out, meaning he can't lift anymore. he should only do "compound movement" exercises. bench press, squats, military press, lat pull, arm curl (not really compound but necessary) and butterflies. that's it, absolutly NO "target exercises). his workouts should last no more then one hour (mine only take 45 minutes). then he needs rest and lot's of it. 8 hours of sleep every night. your muscles don't grow when you're working out, they grow when you're resting. he needs to comsume about 1 to 1 1/2 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. his meals should equal 3000 total calories per day. NO cardio. first gain weight, then cut the fat. only 10 minutes of cardio before each work out to warm up and no more. the only supplement he needs is whey protein isolate (and or weight gainer if he can't eat 3000 calories a day). skip one workout every 5 weeks (to give his body a little extra resting time). that's it. if he follows that program he'll gain about 20 pound of muscle in 12-15 months. there are no gimicks or "super supplements" that will help. only hard work, rest and proper nutrition. he'll start to see real strength gains after about 2-3 months. at 6 months you'll really be able to tell a difference in his body. after 12 months you won't be able to keep your hands off of him. <grin> good luck. remember, when you're a "hardgainer", less workout more rest equal success. cheers.

Shane S 06-21-2004 05:56 PM

Re: Too Skinny
Working out twice per week can very easily be undertraining, although it depends on the quality of the workout. Still, I'd bump to no less than three.

While compound exercises should be the core of any training program, isolation exercises should not necessarily be ignored.

Cardio isn't entirely about fat loss. There are, of course, other benefits (i.e. heart health). I would agree that it should be minimized, though not completely eliminated.

I'd give preference to a concentrate/isolate blend such as ON 100% Whey. Up the serving size if desired (more calories that way, too).

vio 06-21-2004 09:02 PM

Re: Too Skinny
he's a hardgainer. working out the same muscle groups with very heavy weights three times a week is overtraining even for a genetically gifted person who has a predisposition to easily gaining muscle. even they only train the same body part a max of twice a week. the reason they are in the gym more often is because they target lift. he needs to do compound movement lifting. that means it works a large grouping of muscles at the same time as opposed to only a couple of muscles like the big guys do. a hardgainer actually needs more recovery time then a big guy because their muscles don't recover and grow as fast. if an easygainer can only work the same part a max of twice a week the a hardgainer certainly cannot work the same muscles more then twice a week. there are some hard gainers that only work out once a week and get great results over time. this guy has genetics working against him (just like i do i might add) which means that gaining weight is going to take a proportionately longer time. it is achievable but i guarantee you that if he works out three times a week, he will over train. as for only using whey protein and not weight gainer. that's fine as long as he can consume 3000 with just food. a whey protein serving has 20 grams of protein at about 115 calories. the body can only absorb approx. 25 grams of protein at a time. if you double up on your serving you'll only end up wasting 15 grams a protein (or 75% of the second serving). if he was just to get 2000 from food he would have to drink about 8-9 whey servings just to make up the extra 1000 calories. he only needs about 125-175 grams of protein a day. 9 of whey servings would be 180 grams of protein not including the protein from food. he would already be getting about 60-80 just from food. so essentially he would be wasting about 4 or 5 servings of whey protein just to consume enough calories. with a weight gainer, in one serving, he can drink 800 calories and thus eliminate 4 or 5 extra whey servings a day and save money as well. less wasted protein, less servings to drink and less money. sounds like a winning strategy to me. i've been an athlete for 23 years. i spent the last 5 years researching lifting and nutrition technics for hardgainers. i'm not trying to say i know everything by any means but if he follows the plan i laid out the he will gain the weight i said he could. as for doing cardio, if he were to add more cardio to his workouts then he would have to add another 500-1000 calories a day to gain weight. that means more food and more money. by only using cardio for a warm up on workout days for 12-15 months he can gain quicker with less food and expense. then once he reaches the gains he wants he can add cardio in and get really cut like i am. cheers.

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