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  • Fat loss and Carbs Vs Calories

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    Old 07-30-2004, 12:22 PM   #1
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    BDiddy HB User
    Fat loss and Carbs Vs Calories

    For the short time i have been a member here i see questions all the time about losing fat or Carbs Vs. Calories. 1st off Carbs do not make you fat, eating more calories than you burn through out the day makes you gain fat. Also if you are serious about fat loss then 80% of your results will come from your diet and nutrition, there are quick fixes but thats exactly what they are "Quick Fixes" so you'll be right back where you started pretty quickly. Weight loss wether it is 5 lbs or 500lbs. is a lifestyle change which should be taken gradually and at your own pace, because if your not ready for the change then you will fail and become dissappointed so prepare yourself. There are 5 components to fitness and health... they are 1.) Food intake 2.)Cardio training 3.) Supplementation 4.) Resistance training 5.) Personal Assistance

    1.) Food Intake - Like i said before 80% of your results are going to come from your nutrition, however everyones nutritional needs are different depending on age, weight, height, BF%, muscle mass, lifestyle, medications you might be on, activity level and gender. This is why Personal Assistance is the 5th component.. you need a professional to tell you exactly how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat for optimal results and performance. your preferences could range from 40% Carbs 30% Pro 30% Fat
    to 75% Carbs 15% Pro 10% Fat... one not being better then the other just depends on your body and you. However you can make better and healthier food choices a few tips are: fast foods are usually higher in calories than grocery foods, there is no bad food, you just need moderation. any food that is less processed is better for you because it is closer to its natural state, For example, Skippy peanut butter Vs. Smuckers all natural Peanut Butter... Smuckers would be the better choice because it is closer to its natural state as a peanut and does not contain trans fatty acids. Also journal down all your foods, people who write down there foods that they eat daily and every meal, are more likely to succeed. Sodas... sodas, depending on the brand have anywhere from 100-140 calories per 12 oz. so cutting back on sodas or switching to diet sodas (only 10 calories per 12 oz) is an easy way to eliminate extra calories. Drink lots of water, water is needed for every cell in your body to function and if your body is dehydrated your not gonna burn fat or calories as effieceintly as you need to to. Alcohol is not a good idea, drinking alcohol gives you 7 "empty" calories per gram ( fat 9 calories per gram, protien 4 calories per gram, Carbs 4 calories per gram) "empty" meaning they have no nutrtional value. so besides adding many empty calories alcohol also damages your liver and your liver has a great deal to do with the meatbolism of carbs, protien, and fat... you need your liver to function at its best. (90% of "fat" is burned through your liver and lean mass) also alcohol dehydrates your body which goes back to the point before. This is just some information i wanted to share with all of you and hope it helps if you have any questions, objections, critisim or corrections please let me know. I would love feedback negative or positive. If you guys enjoy this info and find it helpful please let me know by [removed] or post and i will continue on with the last four compnents. Hope I have been some kind of help.

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    Re: Fat loss and Carbs Vs Calories

    Originally Posted by BDiddy
    1st off Carbs do not make you fat, eating more calories than you burn through out the day makes you gain fat.
    Like so many, you have missed the point of why looking at carbs, rather than just calories, works for some people.

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    Summer Girl
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    Summer Girl HB User
    Re: Fat loss and Carbs Vs Calories

    Excellent post!

    It is true. Weight loss is determined by burning more calories than taking in.

    About carbs, it is true that it doesn't make you gain weight .

    The one thing that low carb does, is it makes your body go into ketosis faster. The body burns calories from carbs taken in first before going to the stored fat. (carb calorie = energy) If there is a lack of carbs, then the body goes into ketosis faster and the body will go to the stored fat to burn. Everyone goes into some degree of ketosis every day. What I read, when your taking in carbs, you will lose weight at a slower pace compared to when your carb intake is low.

    This is just what I read about it so I don't know.

    that explains how the atkins diet worked even though it was high in fat (which is obviously unhealthy.) Atkins was low carbs which put the body in ketosis faster.

    I am not good at explaining certain things so if you get a chance, look up ketosis on the internet. Absolutely fasinating information!!!

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    Old 07-30-2004, 10:14 PM   #4
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    modert HB User
    Re: Fat loss and Carbs Vs Calories

    I agree with most of what Bdiddy posted, but I would like to clarify one point. Yes its true that weight loss is determined by burning more calories than calories consumed. But this is not accomplished soley by reducing caloric intake. This is also accomplished by improving your burn rate, or in other words, strengthening the metabolism. Many people focus soley on reducing calories and don't bother improving their burn rate or looking at ways to strengthen the metabolism.

    Strengthening the metabolsim can be accomplished by supporting all of the vital organs involved in metabolism, primarily the liver, kidneys, and endocrine system. This can only be accomplished by balancing the diet in such a way that will protect these organs from disease. To do this, protein should not ever exceed 30% of total daily calories, carbs should not exceed 50% of total daily calories, and fat should not exceed 30% of total daily calories. Whatever ratio can be reasonably attained within those ranges will provide the most balanced diet in support of metabolic strength and optimum health.

    Other important factors in strengthening metabolism include increasing lean muscle mass in the body (through excercise), decreasing toxic load (to improve liver function), and stabilizing blood glucose levels throughout the day (by eating smaller meals more frequently). And of course, improving the overall quality of the food helps to accomplish all of these goals - avoiding chemical additives and preservatives, high fat and poor quality fat (such as transfats and excessive levels of saturated fats), sugar, and processed foods.

    The fact is that a low carb/high protein diet does not strengthen the metabolism, in fact it weakens it. The human body is not designed to live in a state of ketosis, and this will inevitably lead to ill-health. This is why when a low-carb lifestyle is ultimately abanoned (which is the case with most low-carb dieters), all of the lost weight returns. A low carb diet reduces lean muscle mass, weakens liver function with abnormal amounts of fat and protein, weakens kidney function and causes dehydration with excessive amounts of protein, and places the cardiovascular system at risk with excessive levels of fat and cholesterol. Nobody will ever be able to convince me that this method of dieting makes any sense at all.

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    Re: Fat loss and Carbs Vs Calories

    Actually, the body doesn't stay on ketosis forever. 3 months in, a man was tested and was out of ketosis already.
    What makes the low carb diet bad is the foods chosen. Obivously unhealthy foods that have high in fat like bacon (though low carb) is what causes the problems.
    Protien is what helps preserves the muscle along with a good workout. Or if you don't work out, as long as you don't try to lose weight too fast. I have been to way too many body building websites for it to be wrong. 6 mini meals a day with enough protien, and a work out schedual keeps lean muscle mass and burns fat. Though not many people can do 6 mini meals a day. Fact is, low carb/high protien does not weaken the metabolism. Not eating enough and eating the wrong foods and not enough calories does it.

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