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Gopherhead 09-11-2004 08:20 PM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
[QUOTE=LS289]For example, I have almost completely eliminated carbs from my diet. I eat some fruit and lots of vegetables, but I could not tell you the last time I had a slice of bread or a cookie! [/QUOTE] Looking at it as an outsider I can tell you that eating fruit and veggies is absolutely not completely eliminating carbs from your diet; you're probably eating more fruits and veggies than most consuming a Western diet. And frankly I am of the opinion that bread aint [I]all that[/I] - now a nice warm cookie, that's another matter ;) This is your 'all or nothing' personality shining through. Here's the rub, if you're a carb addict - someone who truly cannot stop at one serving then this is not a bad thing. If you aren't it's just a matter of learning you're not. I am not. My husband is.

In terms of how to go about having that one cookie, or that one 'treat' - try having it outside your home. Make it a big deal; go out for coffee and a decadent piece of dessert (and no doggie bags!). If you don't have the stuff in the house and you're one of those people who is sensitive to refined carbs (read "my husband") then you wont be tempted. If you're like me, you just wont care.

I think the biggest thing to get over is that awful horrid word "cheat" - it's riddled with guilt. When I eat something that isn't 'healthy' I make that choice and I give myself permission, [B]and [/B] I enjoy it! It's the mindless eating where you can't remember what you ate and what it tasted like that's a problem, IMHO.

Another way to keep yourself on track is to plan ahead. You plan your workouts and your meals for the upcoming week; buy the food and make it easier to follow through. I don't know about you but I hate throwing out food because it didn't get eaten and it went bad. If I cook up 6 chicken breasts on Sunday and make 2 cups of brown rice I am going to be sure that I eat it - or it's money and time down the drain. You can use this to plan those special meals too ;)

Nat, who is off to plan next week's menu!

Losec20mg 09-12-2004 07:30 AM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
hi Nat..i to plan ahead of time..i feel calmer that way.. :)

LS289 09-12-2004 11:31 PM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
Nat- I think I am one of those people like your husband, at least in general. There is no way I can eat just one bowl of cereal, just one cookie, just one bite of chocolate...I just don't have control over things like that! And I'm much happier and more in control when I don't eat those things. However, I need to understand that I can have those things SOMETIMES. I have restricted myself a lot (mostly with carbs) and have lost weight because of it, but do you think it's ok to continue this way? To continue not eating bread, cookies, rice? I can't tell if I am thinking in a disordered way. Perhaps you could tell me if my day today was ok, since it was a rather typical day for me (eating-wise)...
I had a grande nonfat latte in the morning (usually I have egg beaters/cottage cheese)
Then for lunch I had some deli turkey rolled up with veggie cheese and tomato. I made about 3 rolls then had an apple.
For dinner I had a Nicoise salad with seared ahi tuna on it and some broccoli soup. Then later on I had some carrots with lowfat ranch, a handful of chocolate covered soy nuts, and some frozen yogurt (carbolite).
Feelin sort of bad about the chocolate soy nuts, but I know I shouldn't.....

Gopherhead 09-13-2004 05:39 AM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
Your day sounds fine to me. I'd stick with the egg beaters / cc concoction for breakfast over the latte (especially if you're trying to avoid the sugars - I was at Starbucks last week and I was shocked to find out just how many carbs there are in those [from the milk, mind you, but still... I'd rather get my carbs from brown rice or yams!]).

Is it OK to not eat bread? Of course it is. Our ancestors lived for generations before grain was part of our diets. As long as you're getting enough vitamins, minerals and fibre in your diet from fresh produce then there's nothing wrong with it. The only time it becomes unconvenient, or so I have found, is when travelling - either on business or pleasure. I do know from friends who've done the same as you are proposing that eating those things again, after years of not, can cause some gastric upset the first few meals. I managed two weeks on holiday in Cuba eating truly low carb, but it wasn't easy. In Mexico two years in a row I just had myself a holiday from counting or watching anything I ate and I was OK, aside from a little bloating. In this respect I think having that odd cheat day isn't a bad thing.

LS, have you read any LC books? You would find them useful right about now, as you're getting closer to your goal. They show you how and what to bring back to your menus. I like having a gameplan when I change my eating, it makes things easier - have this, eat that, do this. (again, appealing to the obsessive in me ;) ). I would recommend Protein Power by the Eades or The Schwarbein Principle by Diana Schwarzbein - I am sure your local library would have a few copies of both.


jojo64 09-13-2004 10:00 AM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
[QUOTE=LS289]Sometimes if your body feels deprived your food cravings will finally become so intense that you inevitably overeat. I think you are being too harsh, Jojo. It's not as if I binged out of control. The things I ate were at least healthy...[/QUOTE]

Sorry if I hurt your feeligs - I was stating my opinion, which is what you asked for in your initial post. You said that you ate about 5 more things AFTER you ate your dinner, and in my opinion that is not eating from hunger, that is a binge.

LS289 09-13-2004 12:29 PM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
The number of things you eat is not what constitutes a is the amount of food in totality. 5 hershey kisses vs. 1 cake....

Kathrin74 09-14-2004 01:19 AM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
I think sometimes when you are totally starved, and then you eat really fast, your body takes some time to feel satiation, so if you eat really fast you are likely to overeat (on the other hand, this mechanism must have some purpose, maybe to make sure we eat ENOUGH after being starved?).
Since you say you kept going back to the kitchen, it doesn't sound like you just ate really really fast, it sounds like you waited a while before you ate more. So that could be a sign that you really needed all that food.

Plus, it sounds like pretty healthy things... ok, the fudge bar, but sometimes we need sugar, right!? :)


jojo64 09-14-2004 10:09 AM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
LS289, you are being nit-picky now - you know you overate, cause it was in the title of your post. You didn't say "Did I overeat?" you asked if it was OK to overeat. The fact is that you didn't eat 5 hershey kisses, you at an apple sliced up with cottage cheese, a fudge bar with crushed peanuts, a banana and a lowfat yogurt after having dinner.

LS289 09-14-2004 08:37 PM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
I know I overate one day, but that is not going to kill me OR make me fat (as replies have clearly indicated)...
All I am saying is that you should be more aware of the way in which you respond to people. You came across a little bit offensive and I just wanted to point it out. That's all.

dreamer89 10-06-2004 03:05 PM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
Losec20mg the hunger doesn't stop when you reach goal weight if one is losing weight or even gaining, and yes only very hungry people overeat, you are probably (only guessing here) always hungry because you lost weight through undereating gained it back and could be still gaining, depending on how severe your undereating was that led to you weighing 109 pounds, in fact if this was a result of being naturally thin, then eating wouldnt of caused such a weight gain.

you are probably hungry too because you just recovered from a famine and havent quite completed the feasting part of the cycle. this means the body is sending strong signals for fuel continually, because of wanting to maintain those fat stores but also to fuel your present activity which includes more weight or bulk to move around.

somedays I eat alot because I am hungry for it, and other times I don't eat as much because nothing appeals, willpower has nothing to do with it. in fact I want to eat sometimes but my body won't let me, quite a turn around when I was trying not to eat so much to lose then maintain where I didn't want it but my body did.

and I have lost weight and inches. it is a slow process but dramatic.

you can tell if you are a naturally thin or artificial thin by gaining weight maintaining or losing weight when you eat all the time. if you are eating when hungry until satiaty, not just comfortable, and you start gaining weight from it is because you are on the famine feast cycle thus you were artificially thin. that means you have to get off the famine feast cycle in order to be a naturally thin,

a naturally thin person is one who eats whatever and whenever hunger strikes and eats until it no longer appeals or food no longer looks good to her or him. a naturally thin is attuned to their hunger and they notice even subtle hunger cues and gives into them instead of rationalizing that it is not true hunger (like food thoughts that pop into your head and don't go away), by the way food thoughts is a way for the body to try and get your attention for fuel needs before hunger becomes excessive or becomes famine hunger that leads to the feasting stage of the cycle.

also a naturally thin person doesn't worry about caloires, fat or good or bad foods they listen to their bodies hunger cues, and their body leads them to the foods it wants and needs via food appeals, food thoughts of particular foods, etc. since they eat whenever, whatever and however much their body is sending signals for there is no make up eating to do, no need for excess fat as they are fueling their bodies according to it's demands etc.

thus there is no need for food regulation, their bodies can do that for them so they can have a life. I recommend the book How to be naturally thin by eating more by jean antenello, that way you can understand this cycle get off it and stay at a weight that your body will happily stay at without fighting you to keep. it explains why people gain weight when they undereat why they get slim and stay there with minimal effort and explains the theory of adaptation.

worth a read. by the way there is nothing wrong with meat, if there were, our bodies once they reach the naturally thin state would not crave them at times, like they do. it wouldn't make sense to get you to eat something that was harmful to your survival.


Gopherhead 10-06-2004 03:51 PM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
[QUOTE=dreamer40]Losec20mg the hunger doesn't stop when you reach goal weight if one is losing weight or even gaining, and yes only very hungry people overeat, you are probably (only guessing here) always hungry because you lost weight through undereating gained it back and could be still gaining, depending on how severe your undereating was that led to you weighing 109 pounds, in fact if this was a result of being naturally thin, then eating wouldnt of caused such a weight gain.[/QUOTE] Dreamer40/RR, Losec lost weight because he was sick, very sick - it was because of malabsorption and not undereating; he is hungry now because he is healthy and because he's young. I believe this was explained earlier on in the thread.

Losec20mg 10-06-2004 04:48 PM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
thanks Gopher.. ;)

Janiney116 10-07-2004 09:33 AM

Re: Ok to overeat?...
Hey know how you feel. I find myself doing that back and forth in the kitchen. Some days I get extra hungry and I dont know why, its awful when you reliaze it once you get to the gym and you have no energy to do anything. Somtimes im really am hungry but other times I think im deprived of something. I try to eat healthy mainly to just maintain a healthy weight and I feel so much better about myself when I do eat healthy. But everyonce in a while I need that favorite meal of mine that is a little bit high in fat or calories what ever it may be! Gotta keep your mind and body satsified!!! :D

-Janine- :angel:

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