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Janette* 10-08-2004 05:00 PM

Salads are gross!!
I'm making an effort to eat healthier. Since I rarely ever eat any vegetables, I figure a good way to get some in my diet would be through salads. The problem is that I've never had a salad I liked! I've tried my mom's "loaded" salads with cheese and ranch dressing, a McDonald's shaker salad (grossest thing I've ever tried), and a Subway Garden Fresh salad a few minutes ago.

Does anyone have any advice on how to build a salad that will taste good, or where to buy one? I'm pretty sure I hate them all equally the same, so I have no preference over types of salads... lol. But I have to try eating a few more salads before I give up completely.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

auntjudyg 10-08-2004 06:14 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
Do you like any veggies (or are they at least tolerable)? Cucumbers, maybe . . . celery, carrots? Anything?

And in general . . . what do you like to eat?

Losec20mg 10-08-2004 07:45 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
omg/ i couldn't live without salads, just some extra virgin olive oil and, wine vinegar, sea salt, my home made garlic in :)

Janette* 10-08-2004 08:04 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
Thanks for the replies.

Well, I can tolerate most veggies... just don't enjoy eating them! I never eat vegetebles for TASTE unless they are actually cooked, buttered, and salted. I don't even like raw veggies with dip because... I hate ranch dressing. :)

My "favorite" veggies would be carrots, spinach, sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower. I think the only veggies I WON'T eat are onions and peppers.

As for your question about what I normally eat... I have very strange eating habits. It's rare that I ever eat any kitchen prepared meals. I will eat something my dad has in the kitchen at work (in store-bought packages), or whatever's in the house. I don't go out for burgers/fries/tacos or drink sodas, but I'll eat junk like packaged cookies or cakes. Other than that, I just eat whatever is quick and easy to prepare. Examples would be: cereal, oatmeal, canned soup, instant noodles, PB&J sandwiches. I realize this isn't healthful, which has led me to take up salads recently.

Here's what I ate today (chronologically):
Strawberry yogurt
A Chocolate wafer cookie
Apple Jacks
Half of a pouch of tuna
Garden Salad from Subway (meh)
6" Roast Beef sub from Subway (yum)

AnitaPita 10-11-2004 05:37 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
I'd watch the dressing and cheese/croutons. Most regular dressings pack about 13-14 grams of fat per tablespoon. And pretty much no one uses only a tablespoon. So what was once a healthy salad turns into something bad.

jojo64 10-12-2004 11:32 AM

Re: Salads are gross!!
I'm eating a salad right now, lol! It consists of mixed lettuce greens, spinach, cherry tomatos, cucumber slices, tuna, shredded mozarella cheese, and sliced almonds, topped with a lite blue cheese dressing.

You need to create your own salad with the foods and dressing that you like.

vamp36 10-12-2004 11:55 AM

Re: Salads are gross!!
You said you like spinich - use fresh spinich instead of lettuce. It's very good. Add to that what ever else you might like, carrot, cheese, tomato- anything. I use a little oil and vinagarand some pepper for dressing.

LS289 10-12-2004 01:20 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
I'll bet if you had a really good salad from a restaurant or you created one with things that you like, you would fall in love with salads! You can make any sort of salad you can imagine: taco salad, bbq chicken salad, greek salad, chopped chicken salad...and they all taste COMPLETELY different, so you don't get bored!

If you need any recipes, check out my thread named "easy salads."

And on a side note, I know you already know this, but pre-packaged food is the worst. It has tons of sodium, no nutrients, and, often times, TRANS FATS!!! (the worst kind of fat!!!)

gfd 10-12-2004 04:59 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
I like alot salad dressing and alot of meat on my salads that only way I eat it. For me it's not lowfat because I like alot stuff on my salads. I could not eat salad if did not have any dressing on it or not have much dressing on it. For me I dont care about eating healthy I loved my fast food and candy I exercise alot and eat what I want and stay a skinny girl at 24. I do alot of bike riding and weight lifting and work out videos. Food taste so good I"M not going to killed myself eating vegetables all the time. Vegetables are oh right but I dont like to eat them all the time. Have you try lowfat salad dressing I try lowfat ranch dressing before it was gross I dont know how the other lowfat dressing taste they might be good but not ranch.

LS289 10-12-2004 07:52 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
There are a lot of lowfat dressings out there that are actually VERY tasty. And it's ok to put a lot of meat and other things on your salad, but if you load it up with ranch and cheese, you are better off eating a big's less fat and calories!!! If you prepare a salad the right way with ingredients that "mesh" well together, then it will taste so delicious you won't need a ton of dressing.

Janette* 10-13-2004 05:34 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
Thanks everyone. I'll follow your advice and try building a "gourmet" type salad consisting of the veggies I like.

How about dressings though? I've never tried a dressing I've liked. Ranch, French, Italian, yuck... How do I make my own vinegrette? Just mix EVOO with vinegar until it tastes right? What kind of vinegar should I use?

Losec20mg 10-13-2004 06:23 PM

Re: Salads are gross!!
wine, rice, or balsamic vinegar.. I stick with the white or red wine vinegar..

jojo64 10-14-2004 09:09 AM

Re: Salads are gross!!
Oil & lemon juice, with a bit of black pepper, makes a good dressing too.

Magpiezoe 10-15-2004 06:21 AM

Re: Salads are gross!!
Maybe just plain mayonaise on your salad would be the ticket for you. You don't have to use salad dressing, if that is where the problem comes in at. There used to be certain salad dressing that I didn't like when I was a kid, because they were just too sour/vinegary. You can even mix 1 tablespoon of ketchup with 1 tablespoon of mayonaise and have a really good dressing for your salad.

Maybe you could whip up a stir fry instead. You'd still be getting your veggies and you wouldn't have to worry about trying to enjoy a salad. Stir fries are so easy. Just get some raw veggies like the ones you mentioned. You can even add fresh peppers. The red peppers are the sweetest. Heat up your pan...add a little oil....heat up the oil....add your veggies and whatever seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic salt, ect.) you like and that's it. It's great over rice or pasta or toasted bread or torilla shells. Use your imagination. The only thing that I would causion you about is that the rest of your family may try to steal your meal and you mom may want you to cook for everyone.

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